Designing (Procedural) Monsters -

Designing (Procedural) Monsters

RujiK the Comatose
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The world needs more monsters. indie game dev style.


  1. Have you learned nothing from rain world

  2. Make it so that the fish flops haphazardly instead of floating.

  3. absolutely took me out with "i think i'll just give some fish legs" out here just skipping evolution lmao

  4. I think "monster socket" rolls off the tongue a bit better than the current name, if you don't want to change it very much.

  5. You should name the skull dog a bloodhound

    Just an idea

  6. Bruh you made this 3 years ago….. This is like magic to me. YOu just morhed that snake into a fish with codes….? Procedural ainimation thats beautful work to me

  7. Really cool game, maybe call it Procedamorphs IDK

  8. 100% going to try and beat the game with just the rat

  9. i think you should let fish flop around like magikarp out of water

  10. Add cats and crocodiles and I'm sold also Beast World would be a nice name 🙂

  11. 2:02 I love that procrastination is with Triple Triad music. I procrastinate ffxiv msq with that, so it matches me so well

  12. I'll play your game if there's a petting feature. These funky fellas need affection

  13. I like the physics and how smooth they all move around 😌 smooth animation scratches my brain the right way.

  14. rlly cool video !!! this name is kinda basic, but maybe you could call the game beastquest? also you could rename Sea Beast to Leviathan and Skull Dog to Havoc?

  15. "Monster Socket" ? (if you care about keeping the work "socket" but making it sound good)
    "Animalia", "World of Beasts", "Critter Crawl"

  16. perhaps for the fishes you can incorporate a lore reason like you give them a bubble blessing and they can follow you on land, maybe the blessing wears off if you want to make it a consumable, but i love the idea of fishes swimming in air behind the player

  17. Awesome, how can you manage to render them "pixel perfect" onto the background? Is it done in a post production pass?

  18. How do you make a game look 3d yet 2d? How? A pixelated 3d? 2d? I am flabbergasted!

  19. Is this a game, please say yes. These animations are sooo cool

  20. How the hell did you do procedural anims for 2d??

  21. Suggestion for game name "Book of Beasts"

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