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Dinosaurs Extinction| Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games
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it’s time to play some pixio. I build some dinosaurs, the T-Rex, the Parasaurolopho, the Stegosaurus, the Pterosaurus and even if it has nothing to do with a Chinese dragon :). And why not destroy them with my favorite magnet, the Monolith.

Monster Magnet Monolith :

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On my channel you will find all the ways to have fun with magnets divided into 3 main categories:

Classical magnetic experiments such as magnetic levitation, homopolar motors, small magnetic weapons, Gauss cannons, gears, magnetic field viewers and much more.

Satisfaction video like the construction of magnetic sculptures, slime and magnetic putty and product review.

ASMR relaxing videos to watch but above all to listen preferably with stereo headphones to be able to appreciate the particular sounds of the magnets

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About Magnetic Games:
All ways to have fun with magnets.

The magnetism has always intrigued me. The strength of the magnets is scientifically explainable but there’s something “magical” about its interaction with the world. My Channel offers you curious experiments and fun games to do with magnets.

Pixio dinosaurs VS Monster Mangnet | Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games

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  1. 바ㅂㅏㅌlㅂl 맨날 보다가 야ㄷ봤는데 진짜 아무느낌이없음 .. 야ㄷ수위를 그냥 무료로 다보여주네 대박이당..

  2. ㅂrㅂr티비 수위 진짜 말안되네 군대에서 보던 맥심은 그냥 청소년잡지였네 ;; 수위가 진짜 뭐냐 ?

  3. ㅂrㅂrㅌㅣㅂㅣ가 진짜 성지긴하네 .. 유명한 이유가있으 여캠BJ들이 옷안입고 댄스추는게 진짜 하이라이트인듯ㅂrㅂrㅌㅣㅂㅣ 이거진짜 남자를 위한앱맞네 여자애들이 외모ㅎㄷㄷ 개쩐다 그리고 여자애들 핑ㄷㅜ구경하느라 시간가는줄 모르겠네

  4. ㅂレㅂレㅌl비보는데 진짜 여캠들이 하나도 빠짐없이 싹 다 벗고있어서 놀랬음 ..

  5. 바ㅂレ티비애들이 대박이긴하지 ㅋㅋㅋ 매일 방송에서 다벗고노니까 확실히 클라스가다른듯 ?? 수위제한도없어 무료야 혜자네

  6. Why does he make cool stuff then destroy them

  7. Which website do you buy this magnet block

  8. This gives me existential crisis lol… "Why u create us fatheeeerrr" and they disintegrate onto the big magnet..

  9. In asmr ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🧡😗🤗😍❤️🧡🤗😍😗🤗🥺❤️😗

  10. i want to make minecraft faces from this

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  13. I like how the T. rex just started flying and then died

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  16. What is the name of this magnet and the prize

  17. Hai I am your biggest biggest biggest fan please tell me how to buy colore full magnet cube in cheap price

  18. All of the dinosaurs and I and also the dragon and also anything that you made made out of magnets I like those that you make but those cute color madness I’m telling the truth you are an expert at making things

  19. Somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me. says:

    Transformers the last night but magnets:

  20. Fun fact: big magnet are actually dinosaur destroyer like meteor

  21. Where did get that it makes me want more IF you make a dragon

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