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Dwight Howard’s MONSTER Game Falls Short in Dallas

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Dwight Howard scored 33 points, making his first 11 shots from the field, and pulled down 11 rebounds, but Houston came up just short in the end. Visit nba.com/video for more highlights.

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  1. Patrick Beverly is probably hearing from his team for messing up the last play to tie. He had Harden open but decided to try and take on 2 guys.

  2. iTzxSUPAMAN

    LOL nice one. Dirk is the most humbled player in the nba. Don't even mention harden in one category with dirk.

    Dirk is a true sportsman and first ballot hall of famer who always sticked to his team and now the 15th greatest scorer in history.

    Unlike James harden who left okc cause of maybe a total of 6 millions he earns more in Houston…

  3. James Harden and Chandler Parsons got so many assists to Dwight that game.

  4. I wish everyone in the NBA would stop flopping, but that won't happen. Got all these tattoos and workouts that make you stronger, but you are throwing your arms in the air like a little butterfly. 

  5. MONSTER? He should be averaging these numbers. The only people that he should have any kind of trouble against is Horford, Hibbert, Chandler, Gasol, and maybe Davis. Media is so quick to ride his dick.


  7. Nice game.  Reminds me of when he was back on the Magic before all this trade bullshit and he was a fukking beast.

  8. It was more monster game cuz he started 11/11

  9. Holy shit he's starting to look like the Orlando Howard

  10. Can't lie as a lakers fan I rather have coward then Gasoft and that bum nash

  11. Dwight Howard , a center should be averaging 33pts? That's insanity even the best shooter in the league who has the ball in his hands most of the time can't get that.

  12. Too bad he got a technical, after some bitch ass Dallas fan got on his nerves, then he tossed the ball at his face, ofc dallas crowd started to cheer.

    If I was him, I would've gunned it as HARD as I could, already knowing i'd be getting my moneys worth with that fine doe.

  13. Idiots got cocky, they couldve killed the mavs this game. Never underestimate your opponent no matter how great u think you are. Greatest weakness in NBA players and teams, theyre up by 15-20 and they think they can fuck around the rest of the game

  14. Howard taking whats his face to school. Come on now only reason why he had this kind of game was due to the lack of talented centers dallas has. See what happened when he was up against gasol at dallas. The dude couldn't do shit. 

  15. It's true that at the end of regulation Harden may not have been fouled, but don't act like every foul Harden draws isn't deserved. He knows how to draw fouls. Look how far out he keeps the ball when he drives in for layups. All people can do most times is hack him.

  16. Somebody failed geometry in school. Made a 360 in the air? Looked more like a 90.

  17. Dwight & Blake Griffin still need 2 post up. Help them Charles Barkley! HELP THEM!

  18. Laker fans will like the Thank houston for saving our franchise future by getting dwight! Looks like the rocket ain't leaving the port!

  19. Ooh kill'em, and for all the haters he makin more money thanu so shut up 

  20. dwight needs to catch that ball in the post and goes immediately to work, don't think just go for it.. he was much better that night at dallas.. 

  21. 𝑆𝑢𝑏𝑢𝑟𝑏𝑎𝑛 𝑆𝑎𝑔𝑒 [ 교외현인 ] says:

    wow i am impressed to see some skill improvement!
    i CANNOT wait to see his attitude and mentality improve as well tho…

  22. Howard's a 2nd fiddle. Couldn't do it as the man and he will never be great like Russell, Chamberlain, Shaq, Olajuwon, Abdul-Jabbar, etc. I really don't think he will bring a championship to Houston. If you look at the metrics, he hasn't made them a better team defensively. Not yet anyways.

  23. 33 and 11 is a monster game for Dwight. Normal for Lebron and Durant. GTFO.

  24. Dallas Mavericks is the best team in comeback ever!

  25. Good to see dwight FINALLY learning some post moves. Could be so good if he sticks to it

  26. I really hope Harden will win a championship, but too bad Dwight is there to stop his attempt. Houston's bench is crap. You need a solid defense plus a good bench to pull it through 7 games in the playoffs. And good luck having Harden and Chandler defending Paul George or Granger if they ever meet in the finals. And I think Hibbert is a better pure center.

  27. I'm a Lakers fan but I've always admired Howard. He is from Atlanta. We graduated from high school the same year so I've followed his career as long as I can remember.

    At the end of the day, he had to do what's right for him and I hope he continues to grow on and off the court.

  28. The only thing stopping then from making a deep run in the playoffs and possibly getting to the finals are Dwight consistently hitting free throws

  29. Looks like Howard finally learned some post moves.

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