EVOLUTION: Versicorae Domlion: Lovecraftian Horror Game with Pokémon-esque Combat/Monster Collecting - godsandmonstersgame.com

EVOLUTION: Versicorae Domlion: Lovecraftian Horror Game with Pokémon-esque Combat/Monster Collecting

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EVOLUTION: Versicorae Domlion – Lovecraftian Horror Game with Pokémon-esque Monster Collecting

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  1. The green symbol is italian written backwards 🤣

  2. They need to make a free play version of this just with gameplay tho

  3. This game’s art style feels pretty inconsistent with it’s use of pixel avatars, clean drawn backgrounds and detailed character portraits and enemy sprites, it’s not bad but it seems like they couldn’t settle on one approach and the portraits for female characters could use some work.
    Arthur though, what a weird character. Who nonchalantly walks up to a hulking figure wielding a scimitar and rubs it’s belly only to comment it feels warm like a womb?

  4. I am gonna say this looks like the most solid RPG I seen a good while, to me this looks even better than the World of Horror Rpg, that was supposed to use Junji Ito and Lovecraft influences.

  5. 9:23 A tentacle monster and a nun!? I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going!

  6. 27:27 I thought for a second that there was a curse that she wouldn't be able to leave the room….

  7. Lovecraftian monster collecting game…amazing! This game looks really cool!

  8. It reminds me of some comic artist who did a book about a kid getting bitten by a vampire and can never age even if she wanted too.
    She wished to be a lady but cant for her body will stay the same and forced to live with her vampire beloved until she got tired of being with him and anger pursue her to kill him but cant.

  9. That wanst a warning they gave at the start

  10. An interesting art style, a combat system with some potential, but oh dear God all the Engrish. Why do so many indie games (especially on Kickstarter) completely refuse to hire a decent editor for the dialogue?

  11. Arthur! Thrower of "These Fucking Hands"! Wrecker of Lovecraftian's Shit!

  12. So it's another RPG maker game then. I was literally expecting something else.

  13. I can't stand bad grammar, especially if it's used in an attempt to write for "intelligent" characters.

  14. I just hope this game not hard as Fear and Hunger

  15. You know what's even scarier than this?

    How plaque is just tooth smegma and that gums are foreskin for teeth.

  16. loved it, if somehow the dev is reading this, I recommend they get into changing the default sounds when moving through menu options and choosing commands during battle, having a custom one will make all the difference believe me

  17. Apparently Pokemon-esque translates in English to stock RPG Maker combat

  18. Still better then pokemon sword and shield

  19. Did they use sound effects from Kagura game? Or it just my imagination 🤣

  20. HolyshitIneedthefullthingnow

    On another note, what happened to the twins?

  21. Needs some dialogue refining, but it has serious potential.

  22. Noticed that the message at 3:25 is comprised of Italian words backwards. Allow me to translate:
    "Unfortunate and stained in blood,
    greedily desires
    between the shadows,
    The serf is incapable
    of bringing honour to
    the sound of the end."

    I may add more if there's more spaghetti sprinkled in this playthrough.

  23. Arthur must really been loopy in order to have that reaction to the golem cyclops

  24. I'd say this has much more of a Dragon Quest or Earthbound battle system

  25. Me: Oh wow, this actually looks like a really fun and interesting game!
    Anne's dog appears
    Me: Pleasedontdiepleasedontdiepleasedontdie

  26. Uhhh the only thing pokemon-esque is that it's an rpg…

  27. God damn this game looks very Promising , It Has an Interesting Story , Even if it just a Demo I Have High Hopes on this Game (Hype for Manly Play the demo if he even knows the existence of this game)

  28. I don't like the sprite work mixed with the drawn art – it doesn't mesh well. The art's good enough that they shouldn't have needed pixel sprites.

  29. So wait they(Alpha Beta Gamer at least) seems to sell it as a Monster Collecting game. Which I mean it technically is but most monster collector games let the player, you know, use the monsters? Thus far we only see the Narrator of the story catch the monsters but nothing else. Even their kickstarter doesn't seem to say anything about monster catching other than it's a plot point for Alexis.

    Personally I think this does a pretty big disservice to the game.

  30. Game reminds me of Off. I really enjoyed it and I rarely comment to state I look forward to the game.

  31. Love when dialogue like this comes along and it's just bad anime villain mixed with a twinge of guy wearing fedora

  32. Do those twins look exactly like the twins form Vocaloid.
    Don't they look like them to anyone else?

  33. Assigning gender roles instead of names? What?

  34. Me opening my iphone after the school day full of naughty boys
    My phone: Be strong
    You shall never surrender

  35. so far, it feels like the best way to describe this game is like, Valkyrie Profile plus Shadow Hearts. i’m only about 10 minutes into the video, so i’ll update once im finished

    EDIT: oh hah, nice unplug sound at 12:48

  36. 13:02 It's hilarious that a thug will say "shit", but refuse to say "hell" in one breath.

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