EVOLUTION: Versicorae Domlion: Lovecraftian Horror Game with Pokémon-esque Combat/Monster Collecting - godsandmonstersgame.com

EVOLUTION: Versicorae Domlion: Lovecraftian Horror Game with Pokémon-esque Combat/Monster Collecting

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EVOLUTION: Versicorae Domlion – Lovecraftian Horror Game with Pokémon-esque Monster Collecting

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  1. "With pokemon esque-collecting"
    So we're cultists.
    Or at least your average CoC RPG protags that eventually fall to madness due to our involvement in the eldritch.
    A bit of a criticism, the artstyle for the characters is…horrifying.
    And not in the horror way, it's just…

  2. Looking forward to the Vietnamese translation edition

  3. The game reminds me more of Shin Megami Tensei, Persona and Valkyrie Profile tbh

  4. The opening made me wanna sing
    “Shhh, dur da da dur da da da dur!”

  5. ok gotta admit, this one looks very interesting


  7. I believe the intro poem has some reversed Italian, or maybe Latin? I don't speak either very well and I'm too lazy to do a Google Translate, could someone help out?

  8. You know, I'm glad Alexis appeared, otherwise all the people in the audience will have ended up eaten by the monster… oh, wait.

  9. Really interesting concept. Thanks for sharing it with us 😉

  10. Hey Alpha, I found some cool games on Steam that look similar to Faith, one's called Soul Catcher and the other is a text-based horror game called Morth. I'd love to see you do a playthrough of each.

  11. I love your channel mate, I’ve discovered lots of good indie shit thanks to you ❤️

  12. Lovecraft and pokemon. Now there's a mashup.

  13. It's a bit like a teenage girl fan fic but it looks cool.

  14. I want this game. I REALLY want this game.

  15. The thumbnail made me think this was a jojo reference

  16. i appreciate how the 'resolution' (or aspect ratio?) of the intro at the start of the video matches the game. looks cool

  17. needs a proofreader but pretty good so far

  18. although English is not my mother tongue, I can still say that the text in this game has some grammar errors, but regardless – I kind of hate anime style, but this game – man somehow I love its art style, the use of colors, the mix of pixelated graphics (characters) with smooth graphics – I must get a proper PC and subscribe to this game, somehow I feel like I will love it – oh and I was watching this video with headphones and I have to say that the audio is spot-on!

  19. no but like- this is nothing like Pokémon?? bruh do you even play Pokémon???? this is more like Final Fantasy (the older versions) and Mother imo

  20. Interesting game.
    Can't say I'm a fan of the faces, though, specially the females. They look too masculine.

  21. Enjoying the violins, the Voltaire like music sets the tone

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