FACING A DEV & MONSTER GAMES! | VHS (Beta) Monster & Teen - godsandmonstersgame.com

FACING A DEV & MONSTER GAMES! | VHS (Beta) Monster & Teen

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I got three games for you guys! In the first one, we face off a Dev who is a really good player overall. It’s a good thing that devs know how to play their game! The second one is a Wart game! I show no mercy with 26 hits and the final one is a Dollmaster game.. I’m still booty with him but I’m trying. Enjoy guys!

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00:00 Intro
00:25 Dev Monster
18:04 Wart Game
32:24 Dollmaster


Friday the 13th Game ►
Dead by Daylight ►
Resident Evil: Village ►
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach ►

Outro Song ►

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  1. When you guys got off the book of the dead, The devs reaction had me weak. Mans said "I gotta GO"

  2. Idea for faster vault animation when it's not high up, maybe a dive through the window? It'd add ending lag so you'd spend the same time in animation, but you'd be through earlier

  3. I doubt there is an MMR in this game really in place right now thats fully functional.
    Cuz I played my first game as monster and I got pit against 2 lv 70, a 40, and a 24. In which I lost, only got 1 hit on.
    My 2nd game I got a full cast of 50s

  4. Good gameplay, but why can't people play the game how the devs made it, instead of using mods and stuff to gain an advantage

  5. I played against a dev in Battlerite when the game was popping off and man (Moba arena game), what a wild match that was. Alot of fun playing devs though, they can showcase some stuff to learn.

  6. Awesome video! Glad to see VHS is back in full force!

  7. Any comment from the devs regarding when they believe the game will be early access/launch ready? Can't wait for this!

  8. Been a while forgot how much I enjoyed ur content keep it up man

  9. Have you ever tried Identity V, Jaee? I'd love to see some reactions or anything of it o:

  10. what if they made it where you could put up multiple flares at once like to a maximum of three persay and it works the exact same. same charges, maybe shorter range. I don't think that would be too powerful. any thoughts?

  11. I can't get it wait till this game hopefully comes to console

  12. As a console player I can only look on and hope they bring vhs to console soon cuz it looks fun but I can’t play it on console 🙁

  13. waited so long for this game just for it to suck

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