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Feed Monster Game From Cardboard

SLICK SLIME SAM – DIY, Comedy, Science
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One day Sue’s sock was missing. It disappeared right from her foot! She suspects her friend slime Sam, but Sam blames a sock-eating monster instead!

To prove her point, Sue makes a game featuring a funny fuzzy monster. The goal is to see what the monster’s going to eat.

Make this funny monster yourself and play with your friends! You will need some cardboard, plastic eggs for the monster’s eyes, a fuzzy cloth to decorate the monster, as well as some wire for the arms and white paper for the teeth. To feed the monster, you’ll need to make a catapult out of a plastic spoon and wooden sticks. You can decorate the monster in any way you want!

Don’t forget to feed it regularly (which means play) or you’ll probably miss a sock or two! Hehe.

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