Fighting Games and Monster Hunter have the same issue -

Fighting Games and Monster Hunter have the same issue

Puffer McSparkleFace
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just like what you like it aint that deep


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Hi! I’m Puffer McSparkleFace, prospective Fighting Game pro and wanting to both share and enable my journey to the top. I’m also really into D&D, game design, and cooking, so you might see some of that too!

If you’re interested in more content, come check out my streams to see me practice, record future videos, or just to chat!


  1. I love monster hunter so much. Imo Iceborne is still die beste title but I love every single game of this franchise.

  2. MH is definitely better now than it was back in the day. Although i think with rise it has gone a bit too far. with every weapon having counters and crazy mobility the weapons kinda lose a bit of what made them unique. Iceborne is by far the best monster hunter iteration there has ever been.

  3. damn these new fighting games are so complicated to me that I can't even hardly play them. there's so much shit to remember compared to the SNES games I used to play.

  4. I don't mind games simplifying the game play a bit more as someone who's played thousands of hours of monster hunter both old and new gen I enjoy that since the new games are a little more simple more people can get into the series and the community can expand and thrive

  5. I really love Strive for how easy it was to get into. If Arcsys makes the next game more like Xrd, I would love to give it a try.

  6. Accessibility is very important and I feel like people forget that
    I'd probably never have gotten into strive if it wasn't comparatively simple
    The older games still exist if you want the complicated shit guys
    Xrd has a massive player base still for instance
    Let us have our comparatively simple games

  7. Monster Hunter is way more interesting than it used to be. Haters gonna hate.

  8. Fucking thank you about the new player harassment. I don’t even like associating myself with MH because my first game was world and it gets shit on so frequently.

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