Film Theory: How to BEAT the Smile Monster! (Smile 2022) -

Film Theory: How to BEAT the Smile Monster! (Smile 2022)

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You MUST resist the urge to smile, Loyal Theorist! Otherwise, the Smile Monster might getcha’. . . You see, the monster from the 2022 movie, Smile, transfers from person to person via – you guessed it – a SMILE. So how do you SURVIVE such a creature? And can it be defeated? Watch to find out!

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  1. You would die eventually and the death itself could traumatize someone even if you died naturally..

  2. my cousin was like this she had some mental illness that people didn't tell me because i was a child and when she believed she didn't need her meds she stopped and got worst

  3. Dude, I just thought of a theory for the game theory channel about a game called "no straight roads", and the theory is this: is it possible to power a whole entire city with nothing but music?
    (Because in the game,the environment where the game takes place"vinyl City" is powered by music)

  4. If anyone says “just make yourself blind and deaf” like I did at first, that won’t work. Blind/Deaf people can still experience visual/auditory hallucinations.

  5. I hate how MatPat always makes things harder than my brain can comprehend and yet it still makes for a fantastic video. Good job!

  6. The only way to beat the demon curse is to commit a horrific suicide in-front of a mirror so the demon gets a taste of its own medicine (demon witnesses its own demise without another host to absorb the curse) and ultimately have an active incinerator to burn all that remains and any trace of the event so no one can retrace the grim incident that may pass the demon back to an individual. The other alternative is CBD, or tons of mood stabilizer, the Demon's MO is too induce paranoia to isolate individual from their love ones in-order to drive host into insanity thus making host more compliant to commit a gruesome suicide in the present of the next potential host. This create an unbeatable death chain but there is a weak link. If the host is heavily induce with mood stabilizer to combat paranoia, CBD being the one with less side effects, in theory, you can trap the demon. CBD can decrease paranoia from the effects of THC so it will definitely work against the demon's modus operandi. If the host develop a strong mind and control his/her paranoia then the demon is helpless in taking over the host mind completely. In the movie, SMILE, has not inflicted any harm to its victims while isolated or during the period of paranoia. It is only when the host has given up, and complete hopelessness sets in under the presence of the next potential host. So the smile demon will not harm the host until all requirements has been achieve to pass on the curse. If the host can just live throughout the paranoia induce by the demon without break due to the use of CBD, then requirement for the curse will remain unfulfilled, containing the demon within the host until he/she dies a normal and humane death and SMILE will be the one going insane for failing to fulfill the curse and disappear in the abyss.

  7. it's pretty simple:

    if we know that is an entity, which acts through unreal mannipulations, confront it, just don't be scared of it like "man won't you just go away annoying fck" and whenever it manifested, just ignore any implications, because it's the thing playing with you

  8. Killing two people wil make you even more traumatized

  9. Clam your "100000000000000days"tickit here

  10. I actually heard people bashing the movie. Tbh I found it pretty good. Not something too original or clever but both actors and directors and writers were awesome. I liked the ending and her ex bf tbh 👀❤️

  11. Total isolation wouldn't work because it would eventually drive you insane and the entity would be able to take over your body and just go find someone to traumatize. We saw that in the security cam footage. Offing your friends wouldn't keep you safe from the law because there would be an investigation, people would know they went off with you and you came back and they didn't, so the cops would be all over you unless you covered your tracks EXTREMELY well. Also, upon killing both of them, it would just go back to haunting you anyway. The pharmaceutical solution would definitely be worth a try, but it could just make you believe you were taking the meds when you're not. Ultimately you'll most likely have to take yourself out before it can take control of you. Find a way to make yourself just disappear and never be found. Bad ending for you, but at least you end the cycle and don't pass it on to anyone else. Of course it will probably just make you hallucinate that you're in the middle of nowhere never to be seen but really you're in the middle of a store or something. But hey, gotta try?

  12. To Nard's solution, assuming you are a normal human being, you killing the 2 people off would just pass the curse back to you, since anyone killing someone else is a traumatic thing. Assuming you're a normal person i mean. Can it not go back to a previous host or something?

  13. I’m sick I’m still gonna be OK I’m sick. I’m probably gonna be OK because I have a mind of a 19-year-old.

  14. I’m not talking whenever I’m alone with my mom is feeling my sister to sleep. I am like OK like instant exciting because like if I’m alone for even like a second I get excited.

  15. ive been making horror induced versions of diferent sans au wial waching alot of your horror content

  16. Alright but what if its not hallucinations? The "monster" clearly have magic/mythical power. What if its a illusions? Meds cant cure magic

  17. Wow, what a great video! Great job, man! I loved the film and the biggest reason was the mental health issues and response to trauma it presented, which, to me, were pretty clear. You got a new sub, I'm glad I found this channel ❤

  18. The smiling creature is the personification of trauma itself. You and we as people can’t live without. Others live, others succumb to its whispers

  19. Wait… what about the CinemaSins solution? A medically induced coma?

  20. How about unaliving the one who is cursed? Like by a psycopath?

  21. the only way to end the curse is to una*ive yourself…. then it's screwed at that point

  22. Hey MatPat what would happen if you just gave the curse to somebody who’s deaf and Blind

  23. The problem with the meds solution is that the curse can make you think you're taking the meds but you're really taking aspirin.

  24. Did he just teach how to get away with murder?

  25. Couldn’t u blind yourself wouldn’t that fix 80% of curse

  26. I did not understand the hoopla about this movie. I thought BARBARIAN was wayyyy better ❤😊

  27. There's something else… People with aphantasia are resistant to hallucinations. People with total aphantasia are completely immune to hallucinations.
    I have total aphantasia. If the demon were latched onto me it'd be one of those situations where "I'm not locked in here with you, you're locked in here with me." It'd be completely unable to affect me and have to wait till I die of old age.

  28. Bruh just stop the cursed one from committing suicide lol ez

  29. Anyone else see the marketing for this? People doing the smile at sporting events and stuff.. brilliant

  30. me a man who literally enjoys his oen nightmares bring it on the visions would become normsl to me 😂😂😂

  31. Am I the only one that thinks an easy solution to the smile demon is simply don’t get traumatized I know it sounds stupid but in the movie every time one of the victims commits “self termination” they take a really long time smiling can’t you simply plug your ears close your eyes and yell la la la la and walk away I can’t be the only one thinking this 😂

  32. There is a video called horror movie characters I can beat by degenerocity explaining it in a way that would definitely work definitely. Totally.

  33. If you killed both for friends in a remote location to save your self, would you have just traumatised yourself again?

  34. But by giving her nephew the dead cat (on accident ofc) wouldn't that traumatise him therefore giving him the curse? Not that she wanted to or that it was the intention, but it still woulda happened?

  35. Tbh I really hate her sisters reaction. Rose deserves better

  36. i seen the movie but my mom and i just keept rewinding it whean the jumpscare came it was terifying but the daed guy was funny i know i shodent be smileing hehe but the moth on him but it was terrifying

  37. the nard idea is pretty bad, no one wants to off their best friends, and 4-7 days isn't enough time to figure all that out, and mastermind their deaths without getting caught. they had to make her a doctor, who conveniently dated a cop in order to get as far as they did.

  38. she actually diagnosed herself with schizophrenia and asked her therapist for risperdal, which treats it. this method would not work, as doctors cannot diagnose schizophrenia within 4-7 days. they have to wait at least six months, and make a lot of observations. she could've just wrote her own prescription, but ultimately, there's no telling if the treatment would be 100% effective, and if the patient would be okay with all the side effects, and never forget to take it. plus, they showed her mom on medication at the beginning, and it didn't work, or she overdosed. if a person has schizophrenia, they are already at a disadvantage, and the monster will exploit every weakness.

  39. I love watching horror movies but after watching smile a literally had nightmares atleast for me it was TERRIFYING

  40. Why is matpat more understanding about mental health than my literal family and friends

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