Film Theory: The Monster in the Comments... OwO -

Film Theory: The Monster in the Comments… OwO

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Theorists, something has been lurking in the comments… and not just mine. Meet OwO, the commenter. Now that may seem like an innocuous coincidence but there is something much deeper going on. I started to see comments from OwO pop up around YouTube and was even told point blank “not to engage”. You know I can’t resist that kind of invitation, Theorists.

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  1. Shows tommyinnit
    MatPat: …and so many others


  3. Don't read the comments, and don't feed the trolls

    Don't read the comments and don't feed the trolls

    Flies are in the meadow


  5. Snickerdoodle is gods gift what is bro on about

  6. The ONE OTHER PERSON who knows about dantdm 👏👏👏

  7. OwO u made matpat remember u everywhere

  8. Now we want to see that He Who Should Not Be Named that's in every other YouTube short comment Edit: his profile pic is </>, I see him EVERYWHERE

  9. Matpat wouldn't read this now.
    If he does, I've got a new theory for him

  10. I didnt choose this, im playing hearts of iron and this is part of the auto playlist

  11. How does anything with the film :⁠-⁠

  12. How dare you call snickerdoodle cookies rejects 🙁

  13. Please do another theory on 0w0, there are new videos.

  14. i thinks this comment dosen't be in a video

  15. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…

  16. UwU. TwT. It appears that OwO has gained a following. I wonder what other letters of the alphabet will follow in the footsteps of OwO. Only time will tell….

  17. matpat thers a new commenter uwu. so make a nother video

  18. Why did he call snickerdoodles rejects?! They’re awesome! How could you? I am so disillusioned. Sugar cookies rolled in cinnamon and sugar are rejects to society. What is society coming to?

  19. Looking back on this, this was a weird notification.

  20. Oh yeah I’m a victim of algorithm and I’m on with that

  21. Do battle cats it is a great game but hard to find LOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  22. of course he doesn't know… otherwise he would have titled this video "OwO, WHAT'S THIS?!?"

  23. Blasphemy, Snickerdoodles are the best!

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