Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix) -

Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It’s inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I’m throwing my hat in the ring and I think we’ve hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I’ve gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let’s go!

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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Koen Verhagen, and Chance Cole
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The Bible

Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures

The Call of Cthulhu
At the Mountains of Madness
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Bird Box


  1. He says creatures plural so there is multiple more than one. Maybe it was an accident or purposely

  2. What if it's a monster that the writer… made up… on his own?

  3. Technically quiet place ripped off bird box the novel came before quiet place

  4. The whole entire premise of the goddamn movie: "DON'T F*CKING LOOK AT THE MONSTER."
    This video: "Why did we never get to see the monster? :("

  5. The thing you said looks like kuthulu to me looks like the mind flare from d&d

  6. thought it might been a cloud like entity that changes shapes constantly

  7. Cthulhu 😯🥱😵🤮🤑👺☠️😺😦😴😵‍💫🤧🤠👽🤡😸😧🤤🤐😷😈💩👾😹😮😪🥴🤒👿👻🤖😻😲😮‍💨🤢🤕👹🎃😼💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  8. Just realized mat pat is using Enardo's Rust zerg OST

  9. Yo matpat just noticed something about bendy that you never mentioned in game theory, the night-gaunts look a lot like beast bendy 11:04

  10. Imagine that there is a monster that you can’t smell

  11. Bro as a christian i dont think i have been so happy to see a matpat video

  12. Could be nyarlathotep? Seems to fit better than Cthulu, with him being actually villainous

  13. I googled the bird box monster,it looked like a burned baby

  14. Instead of Cthulhu it could be a biblically accurate angel

  15. Yo Matt I think u might be overthinking this one

  16. The sound effects when he falls down the stairs😂

  17. So God raptures people by sending horrific cosmic Lovecraftian monstrosities to make the worthy commit suicide violently and leave the unworthy behind. Interesting.

  18. In the Bible (dont know what book or chapter) Moses asks to see God face to face but God tells him that he can only show him his backside since if he sees his face he will surely die from his holiness.

  19. I'm pretty sure that you said it in another video but the best monster is the one you don't see. Nothing they can put on a screen in Holloywood will ever be as scary as what my/your/our mind can come up with.

  20. I think their are fallen angels bc when you read the bible if look at a angle you will die .plus they want to be worshiped angles have many forms

  21. When his said infinite I already who the monster

  22. Most of the things that you said from the Bible aren’t literal like knocking on door the

  23. Birdbox never scared me cuz i’m schizophrenic. the movie told me im safe!

  24. They saw how much debt they owe the bank.

  25. is if your a blind person you probably wouldn't even know there were monsters, you'd just think people are randomly killing themselves.

  26. You mentioned the monster being like infinity, I have a similar but way different theory.

    There are two things the human brain can't comprehend, Infinity and Nothing. I also believe that the suicidal thoughts are caused by the brain not understanding what it see's. While Film Theory says that the monsters are a representation of infinity, I suspect the opposite, Nothing.

    The monster for one can't interact with the real world because it is "Nothing". Having nothing to use to interact with the real world. The Incarnation of "Nothing" also uses the voices of dead people, the dead are no longer here and therefore are "Nothing" in most scientific theories on what happens after death.

    I do not think it is a variation on a previous creature, but the human mind now trying to comprehend something not able to be seen until that point.( I'm not quite sure about how the brain can now see the monster. I suspect it is an evolution of the brain to start, but not be able to finish, comprehending it.

    This could also be the reason certain insane people are able to "see" the monster. Some crazy people see the world in their own way, so it would alter Nothing into something. One great example is the Joker movie, Where he imagines his own fantasy because he is insane.

    The reason the car's alarm would react is because something turned into nothing and it changed something that would indeed set off an alarm. a similar thing for how it casts a shadow, the air gets moved and there is no longer something that the sun can transfer light through.

    The birds in this movie act as a warning for when something bad is about to happen, they can chirp out to warn others. The birds would most likely feel "Nothing" ( some sort of coldness or darkness, but most likely something we never felt before) and would react.

    That is my personal theory. It probably isn't the whole story, I couldn't really check every possibility because this is not my job. This was just something I thought about after the fact. Also thanks to @shadowless454, I had no idea why the birds chirped until I read your comment.

  27. Bird Box was in my eyes a bad "a silent place" rip off. A silent place was interesting, because it wasn't just a nice horror movie but also an experience. A movie with a very minimal amount of sound ! O_o Wow! And it works, since sound is the secondary way to experience a story. You CAN make a movie without sound. It still works and also shows how sound still plays a role in a visual medium. We experience the world the way the people in the movie do ! o_O

    Then comes Bird Box … yeah … nah … cutting out the visual of a visual medium doesn't work at all, and gladly they didn't do it or almost didn't cut out visuals. I think there was one or two scenes where we got to exprience the world the blind folded people do. But that's it. That's all you can do with that. Maybe if i'd seen both movies the other way around – a silent place last and bird box after – i wouldn't have been so disappointed, but sadly that's not the case. Seeing Bird Box after ASP made me want to have another experience and instantly not wanting it, because no visuals on a visual medium is a very bad idea.

  28. Could be the 7th deadly scroll. He's suppose to be pure destruction and chaos

  29. Something to note on the rapture theory and suicide: Suicide is only a cardinal sin because it denies the time, method, and place for death appointed by the divine. It is essentially an act of defiance against divine will motivated by the sin of Sloth. So if the divine were coming down to Earth to rapture people, and its method was to drive them to suicide, it would not be sinful to succumb because THAT is the appointed time, place, and method of death for those people.

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