First Monster Game after 3 Months - VHS -

First Monster Game after 3 Months – VHS

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It’s rough 😥

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  1. Hi Kriis, we saw your video, liked it, subscribed and rang bell. We are also fascinated by Movies. We unpack Blu-ray Movies and read the old View-Master Booklets on our Channel to the 3D reels, do you remember it…come and see us, Susi und John 🙂

  2. Lucky you. I am in the group that will receive the key in the next few day. Can't wait to return. Don't even want to start a new game knowing that i will stop it to play VHS.

  3. woah Dollmaster gameplay my fav monster cant wait to get the key as i was in beta already. Awesome gameplay btw and nice haircut😁😏

  4. That was a good monster game. So good to see you back. This game looks so good, and the killer games look great 😃

  5. Why I can't install VHS and play it???

  6. 14:39 Well wasn't that the only option he had, stop you from getting the rift so you wouldnt get wallhacks on him? At least that way he could've stealthed his way to another weapon. But I guess the smarter play would have been to push body to prevent the rift-capture tbh, but maybe he didn't know your location

  7. It's not VHS anymore, it's Video Horror Society

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