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Flatwoods Monster Sightings in Video Games!

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Special thanks again to Lovelandisle and Kneelan for their help with this video. They both also make videos and they’ve both made some of my favorites on this whole website. Please check out their stuff!


  1. I know this is very late, but you can add another game to the list with a confirmed Flatwoods Monster sight: Cassette Beasts! It's one of the monsters. Very fun. Great vid, Hazel! Loved revisiting this after I saw the Monster in Cassette Beasts.

  2. Never thought I’d be so invested in the flatwoods monster before, but I’m glad I am now!
    I swear when I saw the flatwoods monster show up in Cassette Beasts my brain did a double take like “holy shit it’s her!!”

  3. Great video! I came here to mention the UFO A Day in the Life one but you got it!!! But I'm so sad you didn't like MOON 🙁 I found Chulip more obscure and eventually impossible to totally finish without a guide, whereas MOON was possible with taking some good notes. They are some of my fave games, a beautiful duology 🙂

  4. The chocovader games looks really cool, probably won't ever be translated but there's at least two of us who'd love to see it in English.

  5. Never knew what the Flatwoods Monster was before this video – which I find odd considering I love creepy/weird/obscure stuff – but you've captured my interest. Great video as always!

  6. Flatwoody creeps me out, but i find the Hopkinsville goblins playfully adorable. Still, i had no idea it was inserted into so many games. Wunderbar!

  7. Flatwoods Monster: Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss
    Mothman: Backstab, Belittle, Boyboss
    Grafton Monster: Neglect, Neutralize, Nonbinaryboss

  8. I'm pretty sure that Romani isn't actually wrong when she refers to "Them" as ghosts- there's an implication that they're not just aliens, they're *alien ghosts,* which is a hilarious double whammy IMO.

  9. I thought the title said “fleetwood mac sightings” and I was “glad their still getting work” until I actually read the title

  10. The Pokemon Beheeyem always seemed flatwoodsy to me, given that it's supposed to be an extraterrestrial. Yeah the head isn't exactly the right shape, but it's still large and elongated and when combined with the cloaked dress-like body it has a similar effect.

  11. I really love this video. A weird synchronicity is that a year ago, I made a flat woods monster figure and I used a Heartless dome for her head. I just found your channel about a month ago, and you've got a some GOOD ideas. Keep it up champ.

  12. I now want to make a Flatwoods Monster(girl) because why not.

  13. This is a bit of a stretch, but the Celestial Emissary from Bloodborne has a design very reminiscent of the Flatwoods Monster.

  14. The Flatwoods Monster recently got another video game rep in the form of Braxsuit and its remaster, Flapwoods, from Cassette Beasts

  15. Learning that the dumb little alien ghosts in Majora's Mask have been this silly little creature this whole time is throwing me for a loop!
    Still a cool thing to find out though

  16. This is the type of video YouTube was made for. Amazing video!!

  17. I was like oh this looks just like that one iidx alien. Turns out it's close but probably just inspired, his name is Aka Dokyou no Mikoto and appears in pop'n and iidx games.

  18. Oh yeah. Why don't we have a Flatwoods Monster Pokemon yet? More cryptids would be lots of fun. I think I will have to design my own Flatwoods Monster fan Pokemon now.

  19. Cassette beasts (a better monster collector than pokemon) has two creatures based on the flatwoods monster

  20. funny you say that Fallout 76's Flatwoods Monster a smoked out grey alien cause they're apparently a member of Fallout's Zetans which are pretty much green versions of grey aliens

  21. Flatwoods Monster is my favorite too, and this was so fun to see so many games I recognize, but never knew there was a flatwoods monster in them. Thanks for this detailed coverage! This was wonderful to watch.

  22. Sighting from this year! The very fun (and queer) game, Cassette Beasts, has Braxsuit and Flapwoods, which are half Flatwoods and half business suit.

  23. As a native West Virginian…nothing. I just wanted to say I'm from WV and proud of it.

  24. It also appears as the boss of World 2 in Psikyo's 1998 arcade shoot-em-up, Space Bomber.

  25. Headsup if you haven’t heard, Yugioh Go Rush has a Flatwoods Monster character named Mitsuko. She’s 3 meters tall and her traditional design is a mech suit.
    And this week’s episode introduced another girl from her planet who pretends to be a basketball hoop.

  26. What about Moisture Creature from Yugioh? Specifically the Falsebound Kingdom games where he’s a mega-secret?

  27. She’s an icon gotta love good old flatsy 🚀👗

  28. The flatwoods monster was in the fist beyblade game

  29. Majora's Mask is the first game where I saw anything even close to resembling the Flatwoods Monster (well, the first where I took notice and remembered, at least).

    I haven't seen anything about it since, really, and only knew what it was because I looked it up on the wiki or saw it in some guide that talked about it shortly (basically just mentioning what it's based on).

    It's still a remarkably bizarre section of an already bizarre game. Alien abductions by creatures that appear to be ghostly entities. You can make it easier by using the slow time song and I have chosen to use it every time since learning about the song (and its effects) because it can be really easy to miss one since you have to spin around in a complete 360 radius to find them all.

  30. I've been a Flatwoods big fan since childhood and learned probably every detail of the original encounter, and I feel sad that Flatwoods is barely appreciated in the West. At least Japan gave a lot of spotlight to Flatwoods but still, I wish there are other American version other than Fallout (which barely even look like Flatwoods).

    At least in the Japanese versions, the designs of Flatwoods are very similar to the original encounter, which is quite faithful. I do like the scary alien Flatwoods rather than the cute one like in Moshi Monsters, but I'm not being negative to the cute ones. My most dislike depiction is the one from Valkyrie and the anime girl with glasses in the thumbnail because it just ruins the identity of the monster (you can make Flatwoods cute or scary, just don't make her an uwu anime girl).

  31. i've only recently learned of her but the flatwoods monster is one of the best cryptids ever. she's so cool….
    and seeing that depiction of her in strikers reminds me of vespiquen somewhat?? though its head shape is anything but a spade lol

  32. missed a good one.. the Viewtiful Joe series has enemies known as “flatties”

    the name speaks for itself


  34. I want to make an animal crossing style game with cryptids instead of animal villagers, and it's gonna be hard to not make, like, seven villagers of the flatwoods variety. I want each villager to actually feel cool to talk to and have good dialogue, so maybe I'll just end up making one, but I love this gal, so much

  35. Did you also watch the "Is It Real?" series National Geographic had? I swear when I was younger all Natgeo and discovery would show was paranormal stuff!

  36. Holy shit I NEED a fantran on that chocolate cryptid pokemon GBA game

  37. For a minute there I couldn't find this video and got scared it got deleted 😭

  38. I want to make a flatwoods bat monster lady now

  39. I have read somewhere the Pokémon Beyehem might be partially inspired by the Flatwoods Monsters from it’s pointed head and how it levitates.

  40. I worhsip the flatwoods monster like shes a god

  41. It never ocured to me Cryptids where a real consept as i played Disco Elysium, i shuld haw figgered tho 🙂

  42. I didn't realize it was in games other then Majora.

  43. 16:39 I can't tell if this is an actual period SF illustration or American Dad fanart

  44. 14:40 Oh hell nah, I never knew Strikers 1945 had a monkey difficulty (probably because I play it on mobile). That's the most funniest difficulty I've ever seen 💀.

  45. the Flatwoods Monster is a Benegesseriit Witch that travelled through temporal space and landed in Appalachia.

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