Free Title Update 3 - Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak - Nintendo Switch -

Free Title Update 3 – Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Nintendo Switch

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Prepare to jump headfirst into the chaos with the brave denizens of Kamura and Elgado. Chaotic Gore Magala and two Risen Elder Dragons headline a host of additions coming in Sunbreak Free Title Update, available Nov. 24!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available now on Nintendo Switch!

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  1. Awesome Free Title Update 3 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Video.

  2. I know most Monster Hunter fans are only really interested in the monsters. But damn I had my hopes up for some new Helpers. Why did they make the best looking NPC, Monju, show her off in a Rise digital event, and then just scrap her? She even has an optional quest against 2 diablos in sunbreak named after her! Please she makes it in as a helper before Sunbreak finishes updating before the next game!

  3. Sigh Maybe next time Gammoth. Just have patience baby girl…

  4. I'm not a fan of subspecies/variants, but it still put a smile on my face when I saw Chaotic Gore Magala 🙂 Plus I loved its gear in MH4U.

    Also for the next update there is written "Elder dragon", which means a new monster and not just a risen, right ? Dire Miralis ? 😏

  5. Damn absolutely nothing new. Back to frontier I guess for another year. At least theres more than 10 monsters to hunt.

  6. Meh meh meeeeeh ! I think Capcom have to learn wath " news Monsters " means ! Changing color and 2 news moves seriously ???????? EA games help

  7. Free Title Update 3

    Now with MORE ways to cart! 🐱

  8. 3 title updates, yet no new monster which isn't a variant or powered up of one already existing. And more paid layered weapons and armors. I hope people realize that layered armors/weapons used to be obtained by event quests and buying these is telling to Capcom "yes, we are fine buying what you used to give for free" and encourage them to take micro transactions to the next level: For MH6, let's make all weapons bits on sticks design to encourage players to buy layered weapons. Also, lets make a paid DLC monster, scaled only for MP (so $$$ for Nindendo/Sony/Microsoft due to paid online), with meta weapons and armors.

  9. I won't buy those damn Paid Weapon DLC, but I would definitely throw my money if those became real life plushies.

  10. Capcom : we got you new scary monsters here 💀💀💀
    Player : cleared quest in 3 mins

  11. I hope that the next game of Monster Hunter had a scorpion like creature that shoots out exploded stingers and a cobra like creature that breathe green fire.🦂🐍

  12. Yeaaah new monsters, more pain!!! gimme more!!!

  13. Ishicóatl Näemare StrAngelous Jebel says:

    I like how they say 'new monsters' and it's just variants.

  14. i refuse to believe the people saying they're excited for more reskins and anomaly grind are real. they must be paid by capcom

  15. Glad to see chaotic Gore Magala come back, it's been a while! I wonder what the elder dragon of the update 4 will be?

  16. Instead of giving this new teostra, might as well just bringing back ice teostra in frontier. Kinda miss him. But it may not match with the Sunbreak theme. Though they could do that in MHWI

  17. I really hope we can take other NPC like Ayame to the hunting ground

  18. It will be hilarious to defeat one of the new Risen Elders with those cute stuffed weapons, I'm hoping that Amatsumagatsuchi returns in DLC #03, it fits so well with the whole MH Rise aesthetic.

  19. Really upset they're continuing to lock weapons behind DLC now.

  20. Wow they really didnt want to spend any time on designing the free monsters huh, looks like they were taken out of the oven bout 30 min too soon

  21. Ngl, but all 3 of these updates suck dick so far.

  22. Wait, So when third party titles have free updates it’s not considered unfinished?

  23. Wow no new Monsters … sad … i Play this game not anymore

  24. We don't need variant we need lunastra, deviljho , monoblos , gran morais , giginox , amatsu

  25. Man, I wish I enjoyed Rise… Something about that game never clicked with me. Did Sunbreak rework the game to any meaningful degree? The base game really annoyed me more than anything, despite the fact that I've played and enjoyed the entire rest of the series.

  26. does anyoone even play this game anymore… its so boring… give me monster hunter world 2!

  27. Deviljho! Come on where is the pickle!

  28. More easy content with little to no challenge.

    Hopefully you improve thay when MH 6 Releases.

  29. Can you just add old monsters back or new ones you useless frigging company. Skipping out on gravios, zamtrios, agnaktor is fine whatever, they are mid game monsters. Why dont you just frigging add back shen goaren or lao shan, maybe jhen or dahren. OR Dalamadur, who had a presence in world's rotten vale. Nobody wants risen teo or kushala, and god forbid STOP RELEASING SUBSPECIES, STOP BEING LAZY AND RE-USING EXISTING ANIMATION SETS.

  30. I feel bad for the people that just complain even after seeing all these sweet updates. Go ahead and be sad, we gonna have fun. WHOOT! WHOOT!

  31. Yes, give me that Artian armour. My super sentai Swordfighter must Rise again.

  32. there's still powered up monster?! i think it's reserved on elder dragon
    my bet on risen shagaru , risen valstrax and new returned elder dragon possibly alatreon

  33. Man, where’s actual new monsters? Every update so far has basically been palette swap monsters, really itching for something I haven’t fought before. And that’s easy, MH World was my first one.

  34. Monster hunter is really starting to go down hill…

  35. Nephilim armor lol. Sexy tiiiiiiiiiiiiime gross.

  36. It’s so interesting to see the new generation’s reaction to subspecies, rare species, variants, etc. Got tired of them after World and all they want is new monsters every update. Brings back so many memories when I first started…I understand all of your guy’s pain.

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