Friday Night Funkin' VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta (FNF Mod/Godzilla.EXE/Scratch) -

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta (FNF Mod/Godzilla.EXE/Scratch)

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Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters, Godzilla NES Creepypasta & Godzilla.EXE Too Scratch | Also known as Kaiju for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD.
CumiNashe – Director:

The NES Godzilla Video Game Creepypasta is regarded as one of the scariest internet horror stories of all time, this time Boyfriend and Girlfriend will play the Godzilla Nes Creepypasta from their couch and BF & GF will control Godzilla & Mothra. Red spider is not in the mod yet. I don’t think girlfriend dies, she can heal herself.

I’ll be playing all of the Friday Night Monster Of Monsters mod on very hard.

Vs Friday Night Monster Of Monsters: Madden Attack Mod Download:

Game Note: – Mod based on Nes Godzilla Creepypasta in a silly rhythm game! Since this is a demo only we added the cast of Mars and two extras, in the future we gonna add more stuff from the original story.

Song References:
1) Godzilla NES: The Most Disturbing Creepypasta of All Time
2) Godzilla.EXE (Scratch version) playthrough
3) Game Boy Godzilla:
4) NES Godzilla Creepypasta Alternate Ending
5) Godzilla analog horror – Instance #1:

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS Monster Of Monsters Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Animation Preview
00:43 Message
00:55 Warning
00:59 Title Screen
01:10 Menu
01:17 Freeplay | All Songs
01:26 1) Too Scratch (Godzilla.EXE vs BF)
01:45 They Sing
02:10 Godzilla reveals himself
02:57 Too Scratch 1
03:07 Too Scratch 2
03:18 I killed your Girlfriend, I AM GOD!
03:41 Screams Again, BF sounds sad
04:24 End
04:40 Story Mode
04:55 Cutscene 1
05:33 Cutscene 2
06:00 2) Amoeba (VS Gezora)
07:18 Dies
07:26 Glitch Begins
07:32 Overworld
08:17 3) Bad Omen (VS Gezora)
09:02 He begins to glitch
09:44 Glitch becomes worse
10:08 Dies
10:34 4) Bad Signal (VS Moguera)
12:19 He begins to glitch
13:07 Dies
13:24 5) Out of place (VS TitanoSurus)
15:35 My favorite part
16:48 Dies
17:03 Credit
17:59 Replaying story as Mothra
18:09 6) Bad Omen
18:55 Glitch 1
19:36 Glitch 2
20:00 Dies
20:17 7) Bad Signal
22:02 Glitch 1
22:50 Dies
23:04 8) Out of place
25:15 Best Part
26:28 Dies
26:55 9) America Port (VS Godzilla Kun)
28:28 Sounds a bit cool
29:06 Godzilla becomes angry
29:55 10) Deus EX Machina (Xolta vs Red 2nd form aka John Madden)
30:53 Plays Piano Keyboard
31:30 Plays Guitar
32:08 Throws Guitar
32:28 Screams
32:49 Dies & NES Explode
33:23 11) First Instance (Analog horror: The Suitmation Trails)
33:44 Rap begins | Are you alone?
34:04 Godzilla has a seizure
34:33 Godzilla Movie
35:52 All Game Over Animations
37:28 Cheat Code
37:57 Outro – CommunityGame

Monster Of Monsters Unknown Attack – Links to Mod Devs | Credit:

CumiNashe – Artist and director
EL GAMER POBRE – Artist and co-director
Yesntisaduck! – Programmer
Lyfer! – Musician
Hyporious – Musician
Wilde – Charter
Zinkk99 – Musician
anticrista2007 – Artist
Ghost1843397 – Charter
Mele – Artist
iseta – Artist
DestrioSZ – Artist
Re_Thinkin – Artist
DaThree_O – Artist
@KrimCLmusic – Music
Dumbiedumbie on ng – Artist
Teethlust – Artist
scrumbo_ – Chromatic
DevilousHavoc – Charter
MadzillaKOTH – Artist
SkoomBaBoom – Artist
LeCherlok – Artist
CamDev – Artist
Cosbydaf – Author of the creepypasta
JokasDroid2 – Musician

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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  1. she said while advice now i killed your girlfriend

  2. i ment he

    also there was an i am god i didnt hear

  3. Final song godzilla says ¿are you along?

  4. Godzilla exe should have been a darker blue to symbolize the NES Goji

  5. just finished watching someone narrate the actual pasta and reading comments about how much people say its so high quality compared to .exe, JTK, Ben, Slender, etc

    and now i'm seeing it in an FnF mod and i almost want to laugh

  6. What i love about this mod is that they manage to incorporate godzilla's roar for the music

  7. Isn't it supposed to be Red who killed Girlfriend, or is Godzilla possessed by Red?

  8. Hell yeah gf is close to dying the only thing left is gf and bf dead

  9. timestamp thingys
    0:00 preview
    0:43 message
    0:55 warning
    0:59 title
    1:10 menu
    1:26 too scratch (godzilla.exe vs bf)
    1:45 teh singeng
    2:10 godzilla face reveal
    2:57 too scratch 1
    3:07 too scratch 2 electric boogaloo
    3:18 godzilla says somthin about unaliving gf
    3:41: bf sad 🙁
    4:24 teh end
    4:40 da REAL story
    4:55 cutscene 1
    5:33 cutscene 2 electric boogaloo
    6:00 amoeba (godzilla vs gezora)
    7:18 GEZORA IS OOFED!?!?!?
    7:26 glitch starting
    7:32 teh overworld
    8:17 bad omen (godzilla vs gezora)
    9:02 gezora glitching
    9:44 even worse glitching
    10:08 GEZORA IS OOFED!?!?! (again)
    10:34 bad signal (godzilla vs moguera)
    12:19 glitching moguera
    13:07 DEATH
    13:24 out of place godzilla vs titanosaurus
    15:35 cgames fav part
    16:48 DEATH AGAIN
    17:03 credits
    17:59 thru 26:28 same story but mothra
    26:55 america port (bf vs godzilla kun)
    28:28 sound cool now
    29:06 angy godzilla
    29:55 deus ex machina (xolta vs john madden aka reds true form
    30:53 piano keyboard section
    31:30 guitar section
    32:08 throwing guitar
    32:28 screaming
    33:23 first instance (analog horror: the suitmation trails)
    you can check out the song itself. my fingers are tired 💀

  10. Character Request: “GOD-Zillo: King of the Swag Monstors”

  11. Mark jerwin Amor l op ed opportunity ok op says:

    That is so cool how

  12. Finally a mod where it's not only that "Beep boop" mf faces all the enemies

  13. He said: I killed your gf. I am macaroni. It's a reference to a mod that is way to popular. It's sonic.exe which idk why I said that but ok. Your welcome btw

  14. gf was still dancin, i think shell make a recovery

  15. Wow i will create my own cover on this!

  16. my Grandkids are gonna love this mod when it gets a full release

  17. Вообще мне понравилась рет батл с годзилой из старых фильмов анимацией и показом мини роликов. И бойфренд стрелял по годзиле из фильмов вы спросите почему потому что годзила из 1990 была огресивной она бы убила бф–а но бф стрелял по ней и за этого она не убивала бф–а она не могла подойти и за этого она пела.

  18. 2:54 The Godzilla in too scratch remind me of monsterverse godzilla's design. They are pretty similar in design.

  19. 4:36 I have a godzilla plush that looks oddly similar to this one (without the red eyes of course). I mean, other than attempting to sneak into my bags a couple of times, it pretty much behaves well.

  20. Honestly, Bad Signal was a mark of musical genius, it's just amazing.

  21. the only prt i understand was that he said " I KILL YOUR GIRLFRIEND, I AM GOD"

  22. Gf got a scratch don’t worry she’s fine

  23. The line from Godzilla “I killed your girlfriend” reminds me of the line “I killed Mellissa”

  24. just so you guys know, the dead girlfriend part in the first song is most likely is a reference to the og Godzilla creepypasta, where Red states he was the driving force who killed the protag's girlfriend.

  25. As an all time godzilla fan…

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