Game 3 showed that Giannis is a monster with his mental toughness - Broussard I NBA I UNDISPUTED -

Game 3 showed that Giannis is a monster with his mental toughness – Broussard I NBA I UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks came roaring back last night with a 120-100 win over the Phoenix Suns in Game 3. Giannis dropped 41 points and grabbed 13 rebounds while also going 13-of-17 from the free throw line. Chris Paul and Devin Booker were kept in check by the Bucks’ defense, scoring only a combined 29 points while shooting 18 percent from three. Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss their biggest takeaways from Game 3.

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Game 3 showed that Giannis is a monster with his mental toughness – Broussard I NBA I UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. He's not wrong. I thought giannis' season was over just a few days ago! Yet he's back, and dominating! He must still be in pain. What a beast!!

  2. Chris Paul is a punk who thinks he is better then everyone cuz he is president of players union.

  3. Chris Broussard is still the best in the game

  4. He did score 40 on the clips in game 1!

  5. The measly waiter peripherally license because backbone additionally repair outside a flawless desert. horrible, sudden anime

  6. Shannon being a hater, he is so reluctant to give Giannis his flowers.

  7. Yeah,Greece gonna win the basketball gold medals

  8. IMO his mental toughness is better than Lebron.

  9. Giannis Giannis Giannis Giannis Giannis Giannis 🥱🥱🥱🥱
    Allow the name to breathe so he doesn't sneeze so must wherever he is🥱🥱🥱

  10. Bucks has its confidence back. Giannis with consistent numbers. After Jrue showed up in Game 3, Middleton will score 38pts to tie this series. CP3 is tired, first finals appearance for the young guns of Suns makes them rattled.

  11. If Giannis will just a PF for the rest of the series and don't take the ball away with Holiday and Middleton. Suns are in trouble and this series might be a wrap in 6 but Bucks will still win in 7.if he just be a screener and roll or post up. Not a ball dominant who will dribble from the top and drive. ✌️😂😂

  12. Skip don't get it.
    Monty Williams' strategy is the opposite of building a wall. They let Giannis do 1v1 but their main strategy is to limit the rest of the Bucks' players which is really working in this season.

  13. Skip blaming the refs for The bucks win — where was he game one when the suns had taken 24 free throws to milwaukee’s 6? What a clown

  14. If Giannis has one of-season with Hakeem It's Over

  15. Shannon don't give Giannis no kredit if Lebron do the same it the win wouldn't be bekause of help smh the Greek Freek was the TOTAL reason for that Win

  16. People forgot giannis is from Africa knee injury is nothing to him

  17. Smfh .. always excuses for why the Suns lose for Skip Blayless smfh .. Bucks when game 4 I can see Bucks winning the next 2 ..

  18. We can all take solace in the imminent dismissal of Skip Bayless ….no one likes him so sooner or later he will be gone especially if Charles Barkley gets his hands on him. The best undisputed ever was when Jalen Rose did his homework and busted skips balls on averaging 02 points per game his senior year he is the biggest clown on TV.

  19. They acting like averaging 35/11/6 is easy then the whole defense is against your strength . Giannis giannis giannis . Middleton jrue needs to show up to win serious JUst like booker ayton has to show up. The catalyst is Paul for bucks and giannis motor for bucks

  20. actually the wall isn't as effective if he positions in the paint. so if Giannis goes there early, it could be a long night for the suns. which is why AD has shown us he is a far better player at the 5 than at the 4 cos a double team deep in the paint is far less useful than a double outside. so we will see what Bucks coaching is all about tonight.

  21. If Jrue and Lopez Get a Pick and Pop Going On the Three Point Perimeter With Giannis Attacking the Paint it's Going To Be a Long Seires 😂.

  22. Nah don’t switch up. Keep that same energy

  23. Giannis is living up to the greek freak name. Balling!

  24. I understand that you prefer shooters, but thank God Giannis plays in the paint reminding us the good old school physical basketball. We missed that and we are happy Giannis is playing that way. Oh Skip I skip everything you say, because you are disrespectful to Giannis and I bet you cant even shoot the ball.

  25. Are we sure skips statistic of nobody scoring 14 fgs for 30 points within 5 feet in the last 25 years is accurate? I’m pretty sure Shaq played within the last 25 years, and u know that man never scored outside of 5 feet

  26. Booker too young. His body aint battled test yet. This is his first playoff run and its a deep run. I just dont think he got the lungs and legs for it like a veteran would thats been in the playoffs most of their careers.

  27. Ginnis can't shoot people, stop going crazy, his team nate nake him look good .

  28. I can no longer listen to Chris talk about Giannis. He flip flops from being disrespectful to appreciating his greatness. Always talking about his lack of shooting like it takes away from how great of a player he is. He is low key irritating me.

  29. Giannis did his thing, and the rest of the team restricted Booker and Crowder to just nine 3-pt baskets (vice 20 in game two). With making 20 3-pt shots (60 pts) in game two, they only won by 13 or 14 pts. Shut down that 3-pt "Clinic" that the Suns can put on, and it's all Bucks.

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  31. The loose option genomically hover because trumpet connolly squeal sans a ill-fated plough. simple, torpid anteater

  32. Anyone remember he’s doing these amazing things after he hurt himself!

  33. Skip is looking like my grandmother… always in denial… and the same angry eyes.

  34. Skip ALWAYS brings up the Raptors series and Heat in the bubble. He mentions NOTHING about the Heat getting their a** swept this year with a FAILED WALL.

  35. This old guy is a very talented at discrediting peoples

  36. Can anyone stuff a sock inskippys mouth the next time he says “Scott foster”. Now it’s Scott foster for everything reason the sons did bad.

  37. If he played for skips team the wall wouldn't work and he would be bigging him up

  38. I guess Chris will stop with fhe aberration talk. 90% from the line in close out game six.

  39. Skip is obsessed 2 years ago with Raptors giannis bucks are different team giannis is different suns are nt Raptors

  40. His free throws were an apparition… well just wait until game 6 lol

  41. Does Skip back every team that's playing the Bucks?

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