Game Awards Nominations + Monster Hunter World + Wow Classic -

Game Awards Nominations + Monster Hunter World + Wow Classic

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  1. I hope they have some barbed wire and a mote with sharks around the stage for game awards this year. So tired of kids with bill Clinton jokes.

  2. Age of Wonders 4 shoulda been on the strategy list…

  3. Killing Nergigante with the wind-up before a slam. XD
    Seriously though buddy, you GOTTA start using your other moves; you can't just Lvl3 Charge and Big Bang all the time. Use the Lvl2 Charge in small openings to dash in with a quick uppercut- it's a solid hit with great Stun damage.
    If you have to dodge out of charging, that's fine! You can just use the normal attack combo: pound > pound > golf swing. Lvl1 Charge attacks combo into AND out of that Y-button combo. And the golf swing is your second strongest attack; it hits harder than the Lvl3 Charge!
    Also, you can start a Charge in mid-air.

  4. 26:34 He's in
    40:08 Dwarf Fortress should be on here. It released too late for the 2022 Game Awards, but won the category at DICE this year.

  5. The RPG category has three games that aren't RPGs. Maybe it's time we make a new name up for what RPGs were?

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