Game Awards Nominations + Monster Hunter World + Wow Classic -

Game Awards Nominations + Monster Hunter World + Wow Classic

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  1. I hope they have some barbed wire and a mote with sharks around the stage for game awards this year. So tired of kids with bill Clinton jokes.

  2. 26:34 He's in40:08 Dwarf Fortress should be on here. It released too late for the 2022 Game Awards, but won the category at DICE this year.

  3. Age of Wonders 4 shoulda been on the strategy list…

  4. Killing Nergigante with the wind-up before a slam. XD
    Seriously though buddy, you GOTTA start using your other moves; you can't just Lvl3 Charge and Big Bang all the time. Use the Lvl2 Charge in small openings to dash in with a quick uppercut- it's a solid hit with great Stun damage.
    If you have to dodge out of charging, that's fine! You can just use the normal attack combo: pound > pound > golf swing. Lvl1 Charge attacks combo into AND out of that Y-button combo. And the golf swing is your second strongest attack; it hits harder than the Lvl3 Charge!
    Also, you can start a Charge in mid-air.

  5. The RPG category has three games that aren't RPGs. Maybe it's time we make a new name up for what RPGs were?

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