Game of Monster (Pokeland Legends): HOW TO GET GIRATINA WITH SOLO MEGA CHARIZARD!!! -

Game of Monster (Pokeland Legends): HOW TO GET GIRATINA WITH SOLO MEGA CHARIZARD!!!

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  1. i wish viral cone had 1 million subscribers cause he is just so awesome

  2. i tried this.. but i don't get to strike first like you do which sucks.

  3. how can i be better as a f2p player plz respond viralcone

  4. eu baixei o meu pela PlayStore e fica caindo toda hora
    alguem tem um Apk que funcione melhor
    Meu aparelho e o Xperia M4 Aqua

  5. good thing i this game beffore it was removed

  6. con rong lua tien hoa mera con so nuoc nua ko ban

  7. อามีเราะห์ อาลี says:


  8. what is the easyiest way to get legendarys? if your vip 0

  9. Did you spend much money on this game? And how long have you been playing?

  10. Your charizard is op dude lmfao im trying to get charizard X, i got 1 charizard with special EVs and his best nature Lol. do u have the same as mine?

  11. which are the best masterys u have to lvl up?

  12. Algún Español q sea mas de nivel 20 y con mas de 30.000 de Poder para unirse a mi Guild,se llama Esp@ña y solo acepto a gente q hable español y que cumpla esos sencillos requisitos q son básicos.Yo tengo mas de 300.000 de Poder y estoy en el servidor S338 Koffing (:

  13. Nyc video mate keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  14. how do I get inherit stones n I pulled palkia two days ago n my Charizard is lv 65 n no where near as op as urs lol

  15. can u post a video of how u got urs likes this

  16. I'm in lvl5 on the giratina chapter but my charizard is only 160k power

  17. can you tell me how to get shards easy without using diamond because is hard

  18. what's this game called i can't find it on app store

  19. what lvl friendship had charizard and what pass. skill do you use?? 🙂

  20. my charizard is fusion 17 with friendship over 60 and he can't do that not like your showing

  21. What mega should I get gyaridos blastoise or sceptile
    Which would help the most in combat
    Edit: also mega gallade

  22. Jaja que verga estoy viendo este video el 1 de noviembre

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