Getting Chased by an Unstoppable Monster: A Review -

Getting Chased by an Unstoppable Monster: A Review

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Monster-liker Patrick Gill breaks down the ingredients of a good relentless pursuer, like Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 and Mr. X in Resident Evil 2. But they’re not the only ones chasing him…

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  1. I strongly disagree about mr x, He's a joke. All you have to do is go into a safe room and he goes away. The game clearly needed stealth, hiding in lockers, behind desks, hidden secret passages, memorizing your surroundings, breaking mr x sight before going into hiding. Nope! The creator were to lazy to implement these features into the game thus giving the game and mr x a sense of dread.This game was for scrubs.

  2. I'm sorry but I cant trust anyone who rates a xenomorph any lower than 11/5 on the fear scale

  3. 10:00 "Heavy will now lay eggs in your mouth"
    Misha, Team fortress 2

  4. I laughed so hard at"spoilers, he has a big ole pyramid as a head."

  5. Sad that the mask in Mario 2 or the sun in Mario 3 weren't listed.

  6. I think the video at 9:08 is just titled "car fire" in Chinese

  7. This is great but we really need to include the guardians from Skyward Sword on this list

  8. RE: revelations had me thinking Rachel would be the game’s “chases you through the levels to keep you from camping out” monster, but it makes sense that she only got a few appearances. Her jumpscare mechanic absolutely eats bullets, so keeping the player equipped while fending her off would’ve blown the balance way off. Not to mention that repeat jumpscares would’ve totally screwed the game’s tension.

  9. Just in case anyone here wants to know, the thing from alien’s actual name is “xenomorph”

  10. RE3's endgame solution to Nemesis wasn't a jet engine, but an (experimental?) rail gun.

    But close enough!

  11. SCP-173. Just gonna leave this one here…

  12. What if said antagonist is literally following you in real-time? By that i mean that if you're on the same place for too long, they will eventually show up. Not spawn near you nor anything scripted, they will always be located in a place of the whole game, throughout the whole game, and they will continuously ramble around the game, and if you stay hypothetically AFK, the game will tell the antagonist where you are and it will start going directly there. Real-time constant tracking, imagine that.

  13. I disagree with Nemesis in the remake. He only chases you a a few specific sections, other times he’s just setting up a boss fight. And only 2 times when he chases you it isn’t extremely linear. I’d say persistence is more of a 3.5

  14. All I can think about for this topic is goro majima
    I can only think of majima everywhere

  15. I am so surprised Amnesia wasn't mentioned. That to me is like the UBIQUITOUS unkillable monster following you game. Also SOMA aka sci fi amnesia.

  16. 11. the krill from sky: children of the light

  17. I'm surprised to see the water wraith from Pikmin 2 isn't in here. That thing was and always will be absolutely terrifying.

  18. Does the unstoppable monster still work in Resident Evil VIII when PEOPLE want to be caught by the big vampire lady?

  19. the original nemesis is definitely 5 5 5, the remake knocks him down to fear 3 danger 2 and persistency 2 at best

  20. hey bestie I'll never forgive you for making me morbidly curious enough to look up that godsmack song

  21. completely fucked up that yall skipped over the most terrifying unstoppable monster of all: Zero from amy's story in sonic adventure

  22. Now we just need a Dino Crysis remake and probably get the scariest unstoppable monster

  23. 9:18 a very funny thing I learned from snapcube's real-time fandub of this thing is that at one specific point in the game you can close a door, and he won't see you, and he'll start to leave, and then you can open the door and he'll see you again but you can just close the door again and do it over and over and he'll fall for it every time. I don't know exactly where it is in the game (I've never actually played it) but you should look it up some time for the real laughs

  24. I didn't know there was a Saxophone chasing samus in a game

  25. Since this video came out before RE8 I'll put the rankings here.

    Lady Dimitrescu:
    Fear: 3
    She's not super scary at first, but the way she just comes for you and her brutality really get your heart racing. Plus, her looming height and the way she ducks through doorways and corners you during scripted events is terrifying.
    Danger: 4
    If she catches you- she WILL kill you. She will slice you up into little bits of "man-flesh" and destroy you. You will lose all your progress too. Plus, those claws? And who knows if she'll drag Ethan into her torture blood dungeon to be drained of his blood and eaten alive.
    Persistence: 5
    Lady Dimitrescu is on your tail at all times. She may just walk towards you, but when her claws comes out and she is chasing you down a twisting and turning castle that she knows by the back of her hand- she knows exactly how to catch you and is persistent about it.

  26. I wonder how well the E.M.M.I. from Metroid Dread will score on this scale.

  27. I got scared of Mr. X and Nemesis, but they were nothing compared to the Dahaka in Warrior Within. They are like little children compared to that guy. If I saw Nemesis coming from one side and Dahaka coming from the other, I'm running towards Nemesis.

  28. What's the totally normal video Pat's watching during his scoring for the Xenomorph? I want to watch this treasure for myself and I don't have kanji on my phone keyboard

  29. The worst unstoppable monster is water in the 2D Sonic games, or the entire pyramid level in S&K.

  30. Spoiler for Jedi fallen order:

    One of my favorite one of these is Darth Vader at the end of Jedi fallen order it's terrifying you start hearing his breathing you think omg I just beat a really hard boss how am I gonna fight him than you get put in a chase seen you can tell how powerful he is and that you have no chance of beating him and you can only run and it looks as if he is barely trying making him even more terrifying it's great I would play Jedi fallen order all over again just to go threw that again

  31. Ok but what about carnage doc ock at the end of Spider-man for the ps1?

  32. I swear to God I the Yeti from Ski Free isn't brought up I will riot

  33. In the Re3 remake, there is literally one chase sequence, all the rest are scripted set-pieces. This is so disappointing, especially if you played old Resi 3 back on ps1.

  34. According to Ben Schwartz, Pat is also an unstoppable monster even sonic runs from

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