Giant Wheel Saw Monster crushes cars #4 - Beamng drive -

Giant Wheel Saw Monster crushes cars #4 – Beamng drive

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Giant cars with saws instead of wheels, this car moves along the road and crushes and cuts cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. Lots of crashes and car crashes!
The video was made in 13-14 hours of work from scratch! Enjoy watching!
Downloads Mods:

1) Naorl Off-Road Adventure –
2) Altitude 1.5 –
3) 1980 Typical American Fullsize Series –
4) The Crash Hard 2.0 Map 1.2 –

Vehicles, props:
1) BELAZ (Re-uploaded) –
2) CrashHard 8×8 BigRig Truck 1.1.6 –
3) B25 Mitchell 6.0 –
4) [Somewhat outdated] MAN TGS Euro 6 –
5) BTR-80 / БТР-80 –
6) CRD –
Beamng drive – computer game in the genre autosimulator. Uses a unique physics of soft bodies.

Official website:

My PC specs:
i9-7980XE, RTX 3090, 64 GB RAM, 10 TB HDD + 256 GB SSD

Music used in the video:
1) Heavy Action – Audionautix
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license for Heavy Action (Audionautix):
2) Good for Nothing Safety – Twin Musicom
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license for Heavy Action (Audionautix):

For all important questions and suggestions you can contact me at the discord, which I have indicated above.


  1. Hello today vid is Giant Wheel Saw Monster crushes cars please watch video and like and comments and subscribed WreckStation he super best Привет сегодня вид это Гигант Колесо Пила Монстр сокрушает автомобили, пожалуйста смотреть видео и лайк и комментарии и подписаться WreckStation он супер лучший 😎👍😉

  2. Wreck station always come with innovative content 😌

  3. ArtemTube - Просто обо всём says:

    Happy April Fools, guys!

  4. 😎😎😼Кута👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Those saw wheels desperately lack lateral grip… And braking is horrible.

  6. The best video my friends, always and successfull 👍

  7. Привет, это я со второго аккаунта, видео топ -каждое видео топ но как ты так развился, если будет время расскажи пожалуйста.

  8. That's more destructive than belaz but I'm still a belaz fan

  9. My bday…. December 16 2013 XD jk that's where I was born but my friends are happy that am 8 years old 😁😁

  10. What are you doing with your life playing video games

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