GOLD MEDAL VIDEO: Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe | X Games Aspen 2021 -

GOLD MEDAL VIDEO: Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe | X Games Aspen 2021

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Guess who took the top spot in Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard SuperPipe on Sunday at X Games Aspen 2021? Watch and see.

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  1. 流しで滑った4本目が力んでなくて綺麗に見えてしまったおめでとうございます

  2. The only trick these commentators announced on the gold run was a front 12 at the very end. The rest was empty gibberish that any loser on Twitch could emulate. I hope they weren't paid for this. I want to see the guys get hyped up but actually know what is going on, instead of saying things like "oh he mad now".

  3. Are these commentators or just giddy fanboys who are slow to "commentate" which trick the guy is even doing?

  4. Run 3 is some of the best snowboarding I've ever seen !

  5. commenting until steep steep becomes a commentator for ski big air superpipe or slopestyle 🙂

  6. Post the full broadcast before you start posting the winners runs please. Since you couldn’t live stream it on YouTube for us.

  7. sǝıןdǝɹ uǝʞoɹq sɐɥ ıoqʎןǝ says:

    what happened to putting slopestyle skiing online for free

  8. I remember watching X games for like 2 days straight in the past, but I guess me watching a 2 minute clip in youtube is better for everyone.

  9. Full version? Никому не нужных баб и лыжников выставляли сразу.

  10. Where did the full versions go to? :O I would really like to watch them. Haven't watch all of the games yet. Can you guys please upload them again? You would make me very happy!

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