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Hey Monster (Monster Park) Latest Version (APK DOWNLOAD) 2017!

Tech James
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Hi guys, Tech James here,

This video will show you how to download & install the latest Hey Monster (Monster Park) version on Android devices! This is the official download link for the APK file!

➤ (Hey Monster APK):


Music: Misfit Massacre – Lost In Time ()

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  1. hey James does this actually work for android

  2. It don't work after download It say there was an error what can I do? please 😭

  3. tnx bro but the app hey monster is forever downloading I cant intall it plss help

  4. Hello, drain when the game comes out I get a black screen with written the "Loading … Plz wait" and nothing happens, you'd know how to say?

  5. is this latest version of this game?… which u give in description……..n will it work in android

  6. My app keeps stopping after choose a starter. Can someone help?

  7. i got a problem i download apk and when i click install i wait for about a minute and then it just say app wasnt installed pls help

  8. In my phone the game is not opening please help

  9. Can u help me please?

    When i click download ( where it says its to big to scan for virus..) it closes the page and goes back to google ( don't have the lower message with cancel and download) and yes the option to allow unknown sources is on. Thanks in advance

  10. i want to know which version of android os is required??plz help!!

  11. When I download it n it seems it wants to start up then is shows I need to login to Google to play but I tried everything to login but still nothing

  12. Wow! It's working.But It is very difficult to download.

  13. Thank u very much.i tried in many website but only tech jame works.thank u ….

  14. If only the developers put it in spanish too, I speak a little english, although it is more comfortable in the language one speaks.

  15. Hay bro my phone has a virrus bicus of you

  16. in this version there is a vip capsule or not

  17. Do you know if there is an newer update to this game? I had this version but recently when i launched the game it stuck in starting screen.. :/

  18. Why it wont work on me i stuck in menu area can u pls help

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