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History of Monster Truck & Monster Jam Games

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I made a gameplay video of one of the most interesting cars or to be more precise trucks, Monster Trucks. With the big engines, oversized tires, more than 3 meters in height… They just knock over whatever comes their way. Different events have been organized for monster trucks for years. Grave Digger, Bigfoot, Bear Foot, and King Kong are the most popular monster trucks. The well-known motorsport event, Monster Jam has been organized in different countries over the years. Drivers show their skills in two-wheel, freestyle, triple threat, arena series, and donut competitions. I hope you enjoy watching it!

Games List:

00:00 – Monster Truck Wars (1990) Game Boy

00:11 – Monster Truck Rally (1990) NES
00:20 – Monster Truck Madness (1996) PC
00:37 – Thunder Truck Rally (1997) Playstation
00:52 – Monster Truck Madness 2 (1999) PC
01:13 – Monster Truck Madness 64 (1999) Nintendo 64
01:34 – Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction (2002) PC
01:50 – Monster Truck Madness (2003) Game Boy Advance GBA
02:06 – Monster 4×4: Masters of Metal (2003) Playstation 2
02:24 – Monster Truck Mayhem (2006) Game Boy Advance
02:39 – Monster 4×4: World Circuit (2006) Wii
02:57 – Monster Jam (2007) – Playstation 2
03:17 – Monster Jam: Urban Assault (2008) Playstation 2
03:34 – Monster Truck Nitro (2009) PC
03:52 – Monster Jam: Path of Destruction (2010) Wii
04:14 – Monster Truck Destruction (2015) PC
04:37 – Monster Jam Battlegrounds (2015) PC
04:59 – Monster Truck XT Airport Derby (2018) Android
05:14 – Monster Jam Steel Titans (2019) PC
05:44 – Fearless Army Monster Truck Derby Stunts (2019) Android
06:18 – Monster Truck Championship (2020) PC
07:03 – Bonus GTA San Andreas Monster Truck



  1. Mtd is the best game ever my son needs to play it at least 1 time a day

  2. If you were going to mention other monster truck games you should have mentioned stuntman it had an arena mode that you could drive an old school monster truck in and setup cars to crush also MX Unleashed and MX versus ATV Unleashed both had monster trucks the main reason I got those games

  3. Dude I got nostalgia when Path of Destruction came up. I almost fucking cried. I grew up with that

  4. I remember playing Monster truck madness 2 where can I get it

  5. Don’t lie

    You know you had urban assault on your wii

  6. U missed monster truck demolition derby game right i play that

  7. Bro removing Scott Douglas from a Monster Jam game is like removing Jeff Steitzer from Halo

  8. Where is gta5 monster truck….anyway great vid, nostalgia hits hard

  9. monster truck madness 1, 2 Physics was way ahead their time WOW & GTA SA

  10. I think Monster Jam Urban Assulut I one of the best if not the best monster truck game ever

  11. i wish i had monster truck destruction its so cool

  12. I played so much urban assault as a kid. That and maximum destruction on pc.

  13. Monster Truck Madness for PC was the best one. It was the only one that made the trucks feel like they had weight. Almost like a simulation rather than an arcade game.

  14. So lemme get this straight.. monster truck destruction is also a PC game but it has no controller support. Why not include controller support for mobile versions??

  15. Monster Jam games in the Wii were so fun

  16. Oh man! I loved playing Monster Truck Madness 2 as a kid! That game was awesome!

  17. I always find it so disappointing how the only truly great game out of all of these is Path of Destruction.

  18. To not include Beam.NG monsters is a missed opportunity! One of the coolest monster truck games you could play just so happens to be a free mod for Beam.

  19. Missing Tonka Monster Trucks (2001) on PC. It was made for little kids but it is surprisingly a creative monster truck game with nice mechanics and fun gameplay/feel.

  20. I consider 4 Wheel Thunder on the Dreamcast a monster truck game.

  21. 5:34 this game suck lol. The car starts to drive and after 2 seconds u hear the engine. And why are the ENGINE SOUNDS so god damn awfull in most of those games? Like its not one of the most important things when it comes to monster trucks… and at 5:47 the engine sound must be a bad joke… My love goes to the San Andreas Monster Truck. Better then most Trucks what were included in Monster Truck games…

  22. wow, One of my first games was Monster Madness 2.
    I never knew how many other monster truck games there were

  23. Morale of the story: if you want monster trucks, go play MotorStorm or GTA

  24. Very sad that the only good games/simulators were MTM 1 & 2 made by Terminal Reality.
    But thank god Rainbow Studios' Steel Titans exist, It's something. And the only Monster Jam game with a sequel, which say something considering the low quality of all previous games since Maximum Destruction.

    At least we always have BeamNG and RoR.

  25. You forgot about monster jam crush it

  26. Was maximum destruction the only twisted metal type monster jam game?

  27. Oh and gta 5 has a monster truck in it to it randomly spawns in at that radio station in the country

  28. Monster Truck Championship is a severely underrated classic. Yeah it got a few issues, but once you get the hang of it, it’s awesome.

  29. You should also put any web flash-based monster truck games if you gonna add a bonus stuff.

    PS: The best & popular web flash-based monster truck game was Monster Truck Unleashed which was based on a miniclip one

  30. Horrible every single one of them… cash grabs no attention to detail on none

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