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Enter a world of suspense, terror, and otherworldly horror in this heart-pounding episode of Game the Game! Becca is joined by Nox Berf, Havana Mahoney, and Katie Michels to play Horrified: Universal Monsters from Ravensburger. Be amazed as together they banish evil from the land, battling classic creatures across various haunted locations. Each monster presents a unique set of challenges that our heroes must overcome, and danger is always lurking in the shadows. Come along, if you dare!

This video is made in paid partnership with Ravensburger. Learn more about Horrified: Universal Monsters here:

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  1. @0:48 "We are going to play with them.. what else did you think?"Not all socially-acceptable-pretty girls should host things.. some suck at it.

  2. Did everyone miss the mistake during game play? When the monsters meet the first time, the dials are supposed to be turned back 1. Thus the bride would no longer be face up. The needed to advance her dial again.

  3. I’m already confused. I came here hoping to make sense of this game. Received it as a Christmas gift but, it will probably be heading to the closet.

  4. 4 beautiful ladies playing a great game

  5. I bought this game. I had high hopes. But my friends don't want to play since you don't play as the monsters. 😕

  6. I totally miss the Wil Wheaton style of introduction into the game! Where is our Tabletop?!

  7. Yes been waiting Becca you rock table top games.

  8. Geek & Sundry, great video! Enjoy your Thursday! 💯🙏🙌

  9. At last! The how to play for this game was ages ago! 🙂

  10. I like how they could have moved Frankenstein away at any point but just left poor Pip to fend for himself.

  11. People are definetly a bit tipsy in this video.

  12. During the round where Becca "punched" the "Creature of the Black Lagoon", why didn't Becca use her special ability to make The Bride or Frankenstein's Monster take 3 steps away from each other? o.O; I mean: THAT was her perk card after all.

    And gasps Becca doesn't know any tunes about Flying a kite? How about: "Let's Go Fly a Kite" from Mary Poppins? xD

  13. Their power couple name is obviously "Brankenstein".

  14. Dr. Frankenstein's monster's dad's last name is Frankenstein, so Dr. Frankenstein's monster should be called Mr. Frankenstein

  15. Wilbur and Chick are from Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

  16. Becca dose this so well,she always makes it fun.

  17. I never remember how much I love Havana until she pops up again and then I don't even recognize her at first because she's not swaddled in black and talking in a creepy voice…

  18. This would be better if you could tailor the game to the monsters being used. You'd have the generic cards which are always added, then each monster would have their own unique cards that would add to the decks. It would really add to the thematic nature of the game, and make each game play slightly different.

  19. too annoyed to watch past the 2 minute mark.

  20. Frankenstein’s monster doesn’t even have a name

  21. I enjoy watching all videos of the games your group plays. Very entertaining for me.

  22. how do you tell where the civilians want to go?

  23. @16:00 Becca knows everything that starts with the letter 'A'?!? I always suspected she was a member of the Red-Headed league!!! 😉

  24. Being a fan of Universal monsters I LOVE this game. It impressed me at how much replay ability it has! It’s definitely one of my favorite surprise board games of 2019.

  25. Hashtag feminism? yeah i'm out and till i see you never ever again.

  26. For an expansion, they can include: Norman Bates, The Thing, Chucky, Jaws, Michael Myers, The Birds, The Phantom of the Opera, zombies from Dawn of the Dead, the masked mob from The Purge, and possibly the Deadites.

  27. “We don’t like labels but we like each other!” Awwwwww got some feels from that one

  28. 35:45 Becca was actually incorrect here. The monsters prioritize characters over the villagers if they're the same distance away. She was referring to two players of similar distance in which the current player decides. Not that it really mattered since she was moved to the character but just for those who are interested in the game

  29. They forgot to increase the terror level when Frank and the Bride met near the end around the 53 mark. They still won, however it could have effected things if they had not.

  30. New drinking game: whenever Becca overshares, do a shot / take a drink 😀

  31. Lily form the Dungeon Run! They should get the whole gang to play a game some time.

  32. If I had a friend like Becca then I would play more board games

  33. Thank you, Becca, Nox Berf, Havana, and Katie for playing our #Horrified game!


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