Horror Game Where Monsters Ripped Off 3 Of Your Limbs & You Have A Parasite - Endoparasitic - godsandmonstersgame.com

Horror Game Where Monsters Ripped Off 3 Of Your Limbs & You Have A Parasite – Endoparasitic

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Endoparasitic is a horror game where you only have one limb, have been infected by a parasite and must survive a facility full of mutated monsters.

Game Info:

“Me and my Arm’y.”

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  1. i cant beleve in the right situations you can actually see that the walls are (kind of) 3D
    P.S u know u can put syringes in the inventory right?

  2. Holy shh, this is so cool. Not only is it fear inducing to have to reload manually and drag yourself around, the used ammo dropping sound was even on point. Also nice of you to actually mention some small mechanics like the revolver rotation or the shotgun point blank is more effective, other youtubers either figure it out so late or just state how confused they are.

  3. How the hell are you holding the gun, pulling the spent cartridges out of the ciliders, pulling fresh cartridges out of the box, and loading them into the cilinders with only one hand? I mean its possible, but in the game the gun appears to be floating while the rounds are being loaded/unloaded.

  4. “Pravi….always thinking he’s right…” I dunno man, those vaccines seem to be giving you more time than what you would have had.

  5. I don't know what's crazier, this guy's one armed land speed, or that all the flares in this base are 40mm grenades.

  6. Wow! What a fun game!
    I loved how he whipped out the nine on all the rats lolol

  7. Bioshock: Infinite side story of Beyond the Sea has the crossbow. Elizabeth is playable and she has the stealth plasmids and knockout bolts

  8. This was a really cool game. Cynte is really interesting as a character. He’s a self-righteous evil man but his determination and drive to survive despite losing most of his limbs really makes you root for him.

  9. Hey manly I was wanting to make a suggestion, can you play parisite days.

  10. this game is interesting I mean in real life reloading a revolver, laying down with one hand and 3 infected coming at you must be very stressing.

  11. I don't know if you say this at any point in the video but I do think the enemies can detect through sound as well. As you are infected too the writhing border moves everytime an enemy comes near. And when you shoot, which produces a loud sound, more of your view opens up.

  12. The voice actor for this game is GIANNI MATRAGRANO?????

  13. another common voice acting W for my boy gianni matragrano

  14. 26:38 I looked back, you had an empty chamber and didn't reload after getting the last ammo supply. I didn't think of it either. lol

  15. This has got to be one of the best games Manly has played in a while! I normally watch his long videos in multiple sessions but I could not put this one down!

  16. This is what happens when you don't pay your debt on time…..

  17. Luce [Kills everyone in the whole base]
    Also Luce [Blames it all on Cynt for not caring about other people]

    Like gal you ain't wrong, but pot calling the kettle black here.

  18. " if I don't have to fight, why fight?" we love a peaceful manly man :v

  19. I think the most annoying thing about this for me is that you can't see your ammo count unless your guns are pulled out. I understand needing to physically pull your gun out to reload, but you'd think someone as smart as this guy would be able to remember his ammo count enough to have it display on the inventory screen even if your gun is holstered. Since you have to put your gun away to move and you're likely running (lol) away after you shoot, it'd be nice to know exactly what your ammo count is and which casings are spent. It wouldn't really change too much of the game, it'd just make it easier to make the decision of whether or not you want to risk sticking around to empty your bullets into a close enemy and also let you gauge how far you need to run (lol) before you take the time to stop and reload, both of which can reduce the amount of times you have to take out and holster your gun in a dangerous situation. I get that everything is supposed to feel painstakingly difficult because you only have 1 limb left, but I feel like this would be more of a QoL change for the player that doesn't really detract from the experience. Still, it's just nitpicking in the end.

  20. It seems like you are the voice of the character, IT MATCHES PERFECTLY!

  21. I would have named it Parapleg-It!, or Elbow Grease.

  22. cynte is a perfect ally to the parasites, but not a perfect host. a host has to be easy to control, someone who wont think to force the parasites into an alliance. they chose luce because shes stupid enough to do exactly what they want.

  23. One complaint I would have of the game is that the dialogue is so so quiet!! I understand why cynth may be quieter while hes making remarks to himself, but even when he talked to luce at the end I had to turn my volume much higher, then to turn it back down so it wouldnt be too loud when manly talked. It was easier to understand luce, but Id still say that it was a volume problem for the dialogue in general, she just spoke more calmly and slowly

  24. One thing I noticed is that as the game progresses the character starts coughing at shorter intervals! I think its a pretty neat little detail : )

  25. "now it said its eyesight was bad-"
    No it didn't, it said the eyesight was lost.
    "- it didn't say it couldn't see."
    Yes it did, it said the eyesight was lost.

  26. How the f is he still alive with three limbs ripped off!? I get that he cauterized his wounds at the beginning, but I doubt that’s enough! It should’ve been instant death after all three limbs were torn!

  27. I was going to comment on how you always add the excited “which is a horror game!” After announcing the title then that made me tangent and on an April 1st you should just play animal crossing or Stardew valley 😩

  28. I’m towards the very beginning still so idk if gameplay changes at all but this is reminding me strongly of the remote car level on the Toy Story Sega game 😂

  29. "A game where monster ripped three of your limbs-"
    Me: Excuse me..WHAT

  30. how did an asteroid have so many gravity enough to get stuff on the ground bruhhh

  31. Welcome to the Going Out On A Limb Here To Make This Pun Club, how Going Out On A Limb Here To Make This Pun are ya?

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