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How to Play Horrified: Universal Monsters

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Light your torches and sharpen your stakes, because in this week’s How to Play Becca takes on Horrified: Universal Monsters from Ravensburger. This collaborative strategy game pits you and your friends against classic creatures from the Universal Monsters movie-verse. The game features seven unique paintable Monster miniatures, including Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, and more! Will you survive the nightmare?

This video is made in partnership with Ravensburger. Check out Horrified: Universal Monsters here:

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  1. can't wait to see your playthrough of this!

  2. Where’s the game the game for this?

  3. Looking for the actual playthrough, can't wait

  4. Is there going to be a playthrough for this game?

  5. Played my first round of this game tonight and me and my friends all really liked it. Working together to find ways to stop the monsters is a lot of fun!

  6. I can't wait to see the Game the Game for this one

  7. Playthrough of this, JAWS, and new Villainous expansion.

  8. Where’s the Game the Game for this game???

  9. Give Creature from the Black Lagoon his own game.

  10. A lot of the How to Plays are filmed the same day as game play so something interesting must be delaying the game

  11. Just bought this game today. Will be painting the minis haha, and I REALLY wanna play after watching this!!!

  12. Will there be a Game the Game for this? It looks super interesting, but I'd love to see the game actually played.

  13. Bought, can’t wait to play with our friends on 9/14/19. Thank you for the walk through. Ps. Now I want to watch Monster Squad and Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein. ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Rodney Smith beat you to it and did a better video.

  15. Hey, if this game is popular, maybe they'll release an expansion based on the more obscure movies like Man Made Monster, The Mad Ghoul, Captive Wild Woman and House of Horrors. They could call it Horrified: B-Reel.

  16. I plan on buying this but disappointed there isn't a Game The Game for it. Same thing with The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 board game you did a How To Play ages ago for. Never got a Game The Game.

  17. WOW Talk about an early HTP! I tried to find this cause the game the game just came out, and it just caught me off guard

  18. They’re on the mats. They’re on the monster mats.

  19. What is the soundtrack playing in the background? its fantastic!

  20. You have overlaid the wrong footage when explaining the monster card. She is explaining how to draw items from the the item bag, but you are showing her placing villagers instead of items

  21. thx Becca for not mishandling german and pronouncing Ravensburger like raven`s burger.

  22. Would it kill them to make the creature green…wtf

  23. Just got it, it's actually really good! Happy with my purchase 🙂

  24. She is cute and she is wonderfully clear! Thank you.

  25. What if the monster moves but no villager or hero are in the space, do they still roll the attack dice?

  26. Watching this in 2020, Costco might sell holy water but they are out of toilet paper 😂


  28. Found the music mix a bit loud but great video nonetheless!

  29. Great concept, but is the hero/monster turn based system poorly designed? There's only 30 monster cards and once they run out, game over. So, 1-5 players get 30 turns to defeat up to 4 monsters and their pre-reqs? Dracula alone requires min five turns (four coffins + him) and that isn't including movement. Am I missing something???

  30. Anyone else found the Harry Potter music distracting? Or maybe it isn't Harry Potter, but I've definitely heard the song before. Black Swan?

  31. We played this. It's not too bad. Nice idea.

  32. This was the most difficult and confusing set up I’ve seen. I wasn’t able to even set it up.

  33. Horrified is one the best board game that me and my girlfriend love to play again and again. We have played so much that we would like to see an expansion. It would be cool to see an expansion with The Phantom of the Opera, The Golem, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Caligari and The Man in the Beaver Hat from London After Midnight. Of course it would be interesting to see also an expansion where you could play as Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Peter Lorre. It could also be an expansion about Vincent Price movies or Alfred Hitchcock movies and without a doubt H. P. Lovecraft universe. I also think it would be cool to see a classic Sci-Fi expansion. Like The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Fly, The Thing from Another World. I really hope somebody from Ravensburger will read my comment

  34. If it was possible it would be fun to have a 80's version of the game. Of course for the Monsters it could be Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Pennywise and Cenobites. But it would be really amusing to have a Humoristic version of the game where the Monsters are. Elvira, Killer Tomatoes, Beetlejuice, Gremlins, Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. The playable characters could be Weird Al" Yankovic, Ash Williams, Vanilla Ice, Bill & Ted, The Goonies, Cyndi Lauper and 80's Jeff Goldblum

  35. What a great game. I play this one often.

  36. Did you just pronounce Raven as rah-ven? 😂😂

  37. Caught an error: At 4:27 you say, "Draw a number of items from the item bag, equal to the number up top. Start them at their starting locations," but you placed villagers — not items. Awesome video!

  38. Thanks for the video.  Game is fun.  Love you used Swan Lake, Op.20 (1877), since that was used during the opening credits of The Mummy (1932).

  39. Anyone else receive a Wolf Man fresh out the box missing his left hand?

  40. Glad i got this now seems like a good coop game

  41. 4:27 – I thought the rules said–and as you stated here–that you're supposed to "remove the same number of ITEMS from the ITEMS bag". You chose "2 VILLAGERS" and placed them on the board. Do VILLAGERS count as ITEMS? Sorry, I'm just confused. The rule book says "items from the item bag" so we've ONLY been taking out items from the bag. The ONLY time we've been placing villagers on the board is when the monster card indicates to do so.
    Is this an error in the video here, or have we not understood the description of that action in the rule book?

    OK there's another one, lol sorry!
    5:40 – If the HERO takes ONLY ONE HIT they're defeated? I thought only villagers were defeated by ONE HIT? HEROES suffering a THREE hit from the dice, when ONLY holding TWO ITEMS, would then be hit ONCE and thus defeated. Is THAT CORRECT?
    Now you mentioned a HERO taking ONE HIT, but removed a villager from the board. Was that just an example and doesn't matter? i.e., we all know that a villager OR a hero suffering ONE HIT is defeated, but the HERO has the option of fending-off the the hit count by discarding items, correct?
    Thanks again!

    OK, OK, ONE more promise!
    I didn't see this in the rule book, must've missed it. So when it's time for the "monster phase" and all the monster cards have already been played, the villagers and the heroes LOOSE? I think I got that right. Did I?
    Thanks again, and again!!!

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