How will Bucks adjust after Al Horford's monster game? | Get Up -

How will Bucks adjust after Al Horford’s monster game? | Get Up

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Tim Legler and JJ Redick join Get Up to discuss how the Bucks should adjust after Al Horford’s massive performance where he put up a career high of 30 points.
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  1. Al Horford returned to Boston and had is fabled "Soul Box" game in the Playoffs.

  2. Stretch the floor, have giannis bring up the ball more than jrue. Put portis or ibaka on horford so giannis can focus his energy on the offense

  3. No need to adjust for horford just play great def on tatum

  4. Eastern conf playoffs has been lit this year. Theres no clear winner yet. Unlike the west. Then again lets go celtics! ☘️☘️

  5. I’ll tell you what the adjustment is, STOP playing George Hill. He has no positive impact on the game but yet comes back from an abdominal injury to immediately playing crunch time minutes in the playoffs

  6. The answer is to go to Boston and lose two games then sit down fr had enough of the bucks ego

  7. Harford went crazy on my Bucks. Torched us literally.

    Bench G. Hill please.

  8. Giannis being scared of horford is the greatest thing to happen this playoffs

  9. Celtics are the dirtiest and floppiest team in the history of the league

  10. Horford is the top free agent signee in celtics history.

  11. Al is great and always a positive influence but the Bucks need to stop giving him space in the three-point line, or he'll continue making them!

  12. The Milwaukee bucks stay in games because the referees help bail the Greek freak out on every call

  13. Umm, i don't get why they mention this so much. For 2 games, the Celtics have missed their most crucial players in Smart and Rob Williams. So, the series are more even than what most these guys say.

  14. Giannis gives Horford a hand to the face on the way up, no call. Horford gives Giannis an elbow on the way down, technical foul. Refs in this series have been trash. Celtics playing uphill all the way

  15. In order for The Celtics to get to The Finals, they need to complete the following Checklist:

    Beat The Nets✔️
    Beat The Bucks
    Beat The 76ers or Heat
    Beat The Refs

  16. Budenholzer getting exposed this year, can’t make a single adjustment

  17. The Celtics execute better in the half court. But it is their transition defense that is helping them win these games

  18. after watching this series I realized Giannis is not a good on ball defender.

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