Huge 450/250 Bike Shootout! - The Fastest Bike In The Game - Monster Energy Supercross 5 -

Huge 450/250 Bike Shootout! – The Fastest Bike In The Game – Monster Energy Supercross 5

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We test all 450 and 250 2-Stroke bikes in Monster Energy Supercross 5. This is the biggest 450 shootout we have ever done with 12 bikes in all. The fastest bike might surprise you! Thank you for checking out the video. If you enjoyed, make sure to leave a LIKE and let me know what you think about the bikes in the COMMENTS!

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Monster Energy Supercross 5 is back with the official 2021 Season, and a renovated Career Mode. Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 5 also introduces the Rider Shape System, an exclusive feature for the Career Mode that will affect riders’ performances in case of falls or injuries. Training and completing specific tasks are key to quickly recovering.

Enjoy a new gameplay experience with the 2 Stroke bikes, now available in every game mode. And if you are a newcomer, the Futures Academy will provide all the information to take you the first steps into the Supercross world.

The Track Editor is also back, along with a new feature: Rhythm Section Editor. You will be able to mix and match pre-existing modules to design complex prefab track sections, then share it with the community.

The Compound features new tracks, several cross challenges, and collectibles to unlock additional gear.

Online multiplayer, for the first time, features cross-gen matchmaking. Split Screen has also been added!


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  1. Hey can you do the shoot out for monster energy supercross 6

  2. Hi there windham! I follow your vídeos and reviews long time. Today i decided to ask you a question! I lost an oportunity of buy this game Special Edition on psn very cheap🤦🏻‍♂️ but i found it at a good price other place, and my doubt is: does the standard version of it, brings the 2 stroke bikes included?! Many thanks in advanced and keep up the good work!🤜🏻🤛🏻✌🏻

  3. Wrong video/ you fix all the bikes & at the end you see the difference. NOOBIE

  4. In my Opinion the Husqvarna is the Fastest Bike in the Game.

  5. Gasgas is my go to I just hate that it has 0 bottom end coming out the corners

  6. I make the Suzuki the fastest bike in the game.

  7. Yamaha and Suzuki 450 in career and definitely noticed they seemed slower. Especially on straights like the speedway races. Was coming up short on jumps too that I was previously over jumping on other brands.

  8. What you could do is 5 laps on each bike, then take the mean and compare them

  9. The takeoffs were all off some but close. The bikes should have stats and riders need an overall number ratings. I’m in my 250 east career and I’m sick of seeing Jett Lawrence and Austin Forkner placing near the bottom and Maggie Thomas, a created person is third in points? It’s stupid sometimes

  10. been wondering about this tbh like which is the best one to choose i have the kawi and yami fully built 450

  11. Honda and gas gas seem fastest to me

    I also use a bike setup i do minus 2 on everything in the front suspension and plus everything on the rear by 2 aswell starting from default with medium gear ratio i noticed a huge difference in turning with it, I mainly noticed it doing a fast money track lol and with how fast the honda i had huge differences in lap times compared to the ktm that was my starter bike

  12. The Yamaha 450 stays in the air for longer I was using it online racing and it stays in the air for so long

  13. Any tips for staying out of the tough blocks? Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity

  14. They just need to fix the Suzuki 2 strokes, they still have the 125 and 250 mixed up, look at the pipes

  15. ʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴ says:

    Same time as last year cause it's the same bloody game haha.

  16. Really hoping they add exhaust systems to the 250/450 GasGas bikes!

  17. Hey i was looking at picking up an mxgp game should i go with gp3 or 2021?

  18. I'm curious if you'd be interested in testing out 0-60 speed? Asking because I think that is a better representation of bike usefulness. Thinking of how that varies playing into a bike being easier/harder for consistency of things like intro to rhythm sections or out of corner triples, and just overall forgiveness. I think the Kawi out of corners is noticeably better than the Husqy, for example.

  19. The 2 stroke sounds weird. Like a mix between a 2 stroke and an E bike.

  20. Simple solution. Do a twelve hour stream, run 10 laps on each bike and take the fastest lap times. Then you have solid data, and you can further investigate possible differences in the bikes. Just a thought.

  21. Don’t understand why they can’t get a few guys at milestone who actually know bikes. Not a Yamaha fan boy at all, but it’s well known they have been pushing the most 450 and 250 hp for years now. Kindof a joke how they are always one of the slowest.

  22. The kawi and yami stay getting dicked in these games they are both trash on this game when in real life they are the top 2 brands yami is probably the best bike out right now and it’s crap on these games

  23. are the factory bikes the same speed as the maxed out custom bikes?

  24. Odd that Yamaha is one of the slowest. To my knowledge it has the or almost the most horsepower out of any bikes irl?
    At least in 2018 it was when I was looking into purchasing a yami 450 irl
    Also, yami riders IRL are the only riders to come out and say that they actually tune the bike down sometimes because it has to much power. Idk
    Very surprised KTM wasn’t the fastest tho, seems like KTM has been fastest in previous games. At least that’s how my thumb dyno viewed it

  25. Anyone else have the problem where you join online and won’t let you use your custom

  26. Realistically yes Suzuki is lacking on their updates, rumor has it new RMZ450 for 2023, so come supercross 7 we may see some improvement😂

  27. Gas gas seems the slowest to me honestly especially 250

  28. So Nice Gameplay but So far I have to be in the same room with the first time I was

  29. You should do this for the 250. I feel the tld gas gas is the fastest bike

  30. Hmmm, some of those bikes I didn’t think to see where I saw them. Great vid!

  31. what is the reason Milestone is behind on guys numbers and bikes? Ex: Coop being #2, Eli being #1 on a Kawi

  32. Can you do Does your track suck on ps4 someone made a track called "Hi Windham"

  33. Sickk test! Do you have any idea why they don’t have the kx250 2 stroke and the gas gas mc250 2t?

  34. I don't ever remember the tough blocks being a bigger problem then in this year

  35. This video may answer my question already.. But my question is. Are the factory bikes in the game faster and do they handle better than my “stock” bike if I choose to stay a privateer?

  36. I’m supposed that Yamaha ain’t at the top don’t get me wrong I like the gasgas bike but they need to give Suzuki a brake I like suzuki and there ain’t a lot of people riding Suzuki in supercross I think there are only 4 or 3 riders

  37. Do all of the 2 strokes have customizable exhausts besides Honda or do none of them have it

  38. I use Suzuki at certain tracks. Has its advantages

  39. It would be interesting if someone could take the input values for every frame of the game and then run those inputs into the game for the other bikes. It would be interesting to see if the bikes that were 7.743 are also identical in handling/braking/etc.

  40. Anyone else have a issue with the front number plate being yellow?

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