Hunting Down and Destroying Every Giant Sea Monster We Can Find - What Lives Below -

Hunting Down and Destroying Every Giant Sea Monster We Can Find – What Lives Below

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Hunting Down and Destroying Every Giant Sea Monster We Can Find – What Lives Below
Welcome to What Lives Below! What Lives Below is a Kaiju hunting game, where you take a small boat out to the open ocean, hunt down and destroy every giant sea monster we can find. Let’s play What Lives Below!


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About What Lives Below:
What Lives Below is a kaiju hunting game where you set out on the open ocean in a very small boat to slay the biggest sea monsters you can find. This is just the demo, but it’s insanely well done so far. Maybe more monsters to come in the future?

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  1. This is what a day in the life of a Maine fisherman looks like

  2. the next day after kill the octopus IGP sell the meat , now he's rich

  3. Word of advise about the giant octopus,
    When you shot his tentacles aim for a glowwing dots and not just the tentacle itself

  4. I would love seeing this as a full game
    or even a multiplayer version of this

  5. Shadow of Colossus, but at the ocean seas instead of grounded landscape.

  6. These actually exist, they're called hellgrammites

  7. Imagine just living your life and swallowing whales and some bacteria throws a weird shaped plankton at you.

  8. why is this saying this game is "subnautica" stupid youtube

  9. Welcome to Captain Ahab's Coke Fueled Adventures…… good shit my man

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  11. Man got saved by a PID controller so many times lol.

  12. the music is perfect for the stuff going on on screen. its so dramatic and insane lmao

  13. Crazy good video, but dude is blinder than Stevie Wonder

  14. It’s called a ‘’ Explore boat’’

  15. My brain: Sees thumbnail

    It's a monster.

    A monster mash
    It was a graveyard smash.

  16. I just realized the second boss had weak spots on the tip of his tentacles

  17. I came here after watching Netflix's Sea Beast trailer

  18. Ah yes, yet another game to trigger my thalassophobia

  19. This game is SOOOOOOO cinematic!! I felt like I'm watching a movie

  20. “It’s literally Cthulhu” nah it’s the kraken

  21. How the frick did these sea monsters get defeated by a guy on a boat???

  22. megalohydrothalasophobia
    the name of the phobia of what lives below

  23. Who thought a man on a fishing boat with a spear or harpoon could defeat monsters that are at least 100 meters in height.


  25. I picked the perfect song for his first battle

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