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I Let My Viewers Alert The Monster! Part 10! | Escape The Ayuwoki

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Part 10 The Smoothest criminal challenge Michael Jackson is twice as fast and has silent footsteps!

Escape the ayuwoki nightmare mode but I let my viewers try to kill me by letting the monster hear my stream alerts! Escape the ayuwoki is a horror game where Michael Jackson tries to kill you and he can hear your mic. I set it up so the monster can hear all my sounders and notifications on stream so chat can try to get me killed!





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  1. Is there any type of delay between sounds or could they band together and spam to keep you in a place forever?

  2. 9:05 get ratted XD also I’d take a pause too if someone threw a rat at me XD

  3. I love “let’s name him… C. Yea c is a good name. First name C, last name aling. Ceiling”

  4. Bro the part when John cena Michael wanted to be in wwe bro undeadson vs John cena

  5. 7:16 wait a minute…Thats In Fnaf At 5am! The Third One When Foxy Gives Him The Crowbar and he hits spring trap in the knee! insert Illuminati music here

  6. I just love when MJ here just responds to sounders or voice sometimes

    Bush: ooh you tried to trick me? You gotta be faster than that Michael. You gotta be faster than that he-hee
    MJ: offended screaming

    Bush outsmarts MJ
    Michael: ANGRY SCREAMING AT THE WALL I feel that sometimes tbh

    Also when "come to daddy" and "D!CKS" summons MJ immediately is just… 👌

  7. We all know your stuck in the closet

  8. So was the "GET CROWBARED BITCH" a 5am at freddys reference? bushwack probably wont be able to answer cuz this wont get likes

  9. i made a video 4 months ago and this is only one month

  10. The rat looked at Michael Jackson the wrong way so he got destroyed

  11. That is true you just assumed that I wear pants

  12. If I hear the Whopper again I will hit myself in the nuts

  13. It's so satisfying to watch Bush get wacked at light speed.

  14. “How silly of you to assume that I’m wearing pants.” got me so bad.

  15. I was dying when they did the Patrick star “wee woo “ 😂😂

  16. When Michael is crawling when he stays still it looks like he's pooping on the ground

  17. why is it watching a fully grown man squealing like a leetle beetch due to a game, so goram hilarious? xD

  18. THIS SHIT IS KILLING ME🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Me:*chat you know what to do PRANK HIM* chat: your wish has been answered 12:45

  20. he doesn’t wanna go in the closet so he doesn’t have to come out of it 💀

  21. The memes just make it funny not scary

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