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I made a horror game in 2 hours

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Horror games like Poppy Playtime, Choo-Choo Charles, and Garten of Banban have exploded in popularity, but how hard is it to create one yourself? To find out, I challenged my friend to see who could create the best horror game in two hours!


Thanks @AIAdev for featuring in the video, and @IMBACKBOIIIIII for the ideas for the new chapter!

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  1. I like how munkus lunkus looks. his head looks real good for a game made in two hours

  2. I should make a game hmmmm
    Edit: I have it now workshopped and the first character is called demo expert
    I never said it’s a horror game

  3. Part three should be called Fussy Fairgrounds.

  4. Bro put all the fnaf soundtracks 💀

  5. Just realized the Dani plush in the background :0


  7. BANANA BUNDLE if u like the banana bundle like this video and this comment

  8. I have played it already so pls make a new monster

  9. This is too short add 2 monsters in chapter three

  10. This is too short add 2 monsters in chapter three

  11. Bro made a ripoff I mean knock off of rainbow friends

  12. Btw if you don't mind me making lore one fateful day a little girl named stussy was in at the school playground and someone threw a rock at her head and she passed out (she was 10 ) she woke up head bleeding out and she hurried went to the nurse's office and the nurse fixed her up and then after school she was walking home with her mom and someone threw another rock at her head this time she woke up at a newly built factory no name yet a scientist said …you are my new test subject and killed her experimented on her she woke up blood all over and felt like plastic She was there new mascot she wanted and had to get revenge so when we came she Thought we were the scientist and wanted to kill us in her new form and she loved her bananas She goes crazy without them so when we took them she got madder each time we took some (Hope you like my storyline i made for ya :D)

  13. I know that before I ever saw this video

  14. Hey polymars remember when I was spamming ur chat with “ do a donkey named donkey jonky” yeah I’m crimson2474 on twitch for part three make a donkey named donkey jonky

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