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Iker Casillas Was an Absolute Monster

mr bundesteam
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Legendary saves from one of the best goalkeepers in history Iker Casillas


  1. Mostruo??? roñaldiño y messi le tuvo de hijo

  2. Casillas is the Fastest Goalkeeper to recover from a save. Insanely good player

  3. Why does La Liga always look faster when we look back. Maybe it’s just me 😂 pero San Iker, como te extrañamos en Madrid. Lo que daría por tenerte en el campo con Real Madrid de nuevo.

  4. Paranjath nannaii njngalk ariyillayirunnu…

  5. Алексей Александрович says:

    Икер ваще красава)

  6. 메시 몇년을뛴거야
    카시야스 스페셜에도 나오는
    메시가 대단하네ㅎㅎ

  7. Casillas was mainly crawling to get to the ball. Never actually noticed bc I do the same as often as him

  8. 無駄に多いリプレイが少ないのは本当に強かった証

  9. My favorite ever he made me become Madrid fan. He was pretty incredible.

  10. Ini ngam jadi pejaga gol sabah casilas

  11. 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️🐐. The GOAT of GOALKEEPER….

  12. 그를 뛰어넘은 이운재 당신은 대체…

  13. Florentino dijo que Iker era un chiste y Mourinho dijo que Digo López era mejor!!! Así que no me vengas con cuentos!!

  14. Asi lo trataron tambien, desagradecidos, tipico de la mayoria de los españoles.

  15. 놀랍다 저 키에 저런 선방을 .. 그것도 저 시대의 선수들을 …
    근데 피파에선 왜그러는거니 ….

  16. the greatest goalkeeper in the history of football

  17. My idol what a goalkeeper he was. I will go pro because of my hard work and for God’s blessings,his protection for me, and for his mercy ❤❤Thank lord for this gift to let me be a goalkeeper and for my personal/mentally

  18. Es increible ver que hay clips que parecen de los 60 XD

  19. カシージャスとブッフォンのネックウォーマースタイルがまじでかっこいいと感じてました。

  20. Que luego me lo comparen con el fribu Martínez ese hay que tener huevos grandes

  21. Mano esse maluco com 1,80 fazia oq os caras de 2 metros n faz

  22. 카시야스의 다이빙 자세는 교과서이다

  23. I always watched his videos and did image training before the soccer game. I think of him as the best.

  24. 내가 바르셀로나 팬이기에 항상 엘클라시코를 몰입하여 지켜봤는데, 정말 카시야스는 인정 할 수 밖에 없음.

  25. Messi had a problem,an obstacle in his career scoring against Iker

  26. 골키퍼로서 신체적인 불리함을 순발력과 반사신경 등 운동능력으로 커버한 유일무이한 작지만 위대한 골키퍼.

  27. Saving a goal is more difficult than scoring a goal…I think the best players of football must be among Goalkeepers

  28. Con el único que no pudo fue con el gran Ronaldinho

  29. Algunos lo llaman Íker Casillas, yo le digo el MEJOR PORTERO DE LA HISTORIA DEL FÚTBOL, gracias por todo santo …

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