iRacing Acquires Monster Games -

iRacing Acquires Monster Games

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  1. My hope would be getting improved non-sim racing games out of this. While Nascar Heat games over the last few years got quite a bit of negative feedback, it got me back into playing more racing games. The Nascar heat games were good for a casual player like myself but there was a lot to be desired over how things were put into the game. Like only being able to change the setup by putting the difficulty on hard or higher. Why the fuck would the developers do that, when the standard setup with no changes were always way too tight. There's more but I'll not go down that rabbit hole. Personally, I just want more good racing games and if this leads to that then I'm all for it. But if it goes down the EA route….. well let's hope it doesn't.

  2. Iracing at some point has to pivot to Iracing 2.0 and new engine and updated graphics etc … I'm sure this is part of that

  3. This video was on the top of google for the keyword "iracing monster games" congrats the algorithm loves you!

  4. Great insight. I couldn't agree more with your comments about helping developers survive and provide a platform for kids to gain an interest so they are the future customers of iRacing.

  5. Hit the nail on the head with the fact of lack of competition. Look at what has happened to basketball, baseball and football games. there is no competition and every year it's the new paint job but nothing else is new.

  6. I’m optimistic and feel like this could be a great move for iRacing.

  7. Spot on take based on the info we have. Thanks.

  8. Agreed arcade racers started me young then I wanted more of challenge but we need comp in the industry, your use of Madden as an example for what bad can happen. Hopefully iRacing does something good with it..

  9. I’m sure this has a lot to due to the next gen consoles that recently came out and they want a piece of the console pie.

  10. This stuff kind of happens all the time in business. Personally, I would like to play a decent NASCAR game with AI. iRacing is stressful. It would be nice to site down. Race someone that doesn't care if I make a mistake and kill them. I have a blast in RaceRoom with the AI. They race really hard and you can rub fenders. The AI loves it. iRacing is a multiplayer masterpiece. We also need a AI masterpiece for NASCAR that we can do career mode and such. Maybe iRacing can get that going for us.

  11. We need a console racing games, (NASCAR) Not everyone has the money to go to Iracing

  12. A very interesting take on things from your perspective. If you want to make more videos like these when major news about racing games drop I'm all in on watching them!

  13. either iRACING wants to expand to consoles or they want to keep nascar and have full control over that IP. Or maybe they want their "HEAT" license back. If the next heat game for ps5/xsx can use iracing assets and make itself better than an oval racing arcade game this could be a good thing.

  14. Gotta disagree a little bit, NASCAR 05 in my opinion was one of the best NASCAR titles ever

  15. I have a few theories. Papyrus did do console versions of some of their games. I had the original NASCAR racing for Playstation, and there was supposed to be a NR2003 xbox port. I could see Monster being the console arm and being another revenue stream. The licenses are also very important. I dont feel like the SRX cars were really needed for iracing because you have late models and super lates for asphalt. But I can see them being in the sim and having a special summer series for dirt/oval. You also have the talent over at Monster and I wonder if Monster Games has any patents for racing. just some thoughts.

  16. Great to see the channel has grown so much too dude. Like and subscribe 🤣😄

  17. Ea destroyed the sports game industry entirely they bought out everything they could and now look at the state of things good on iracing for stepping up and preventing this from happening to every series

  18. If iracing makes a nascar game I'm down.
    They're still not perfect but my God their stuff is fine

  19. But, they developed the srx the game which makes me wonder if they bought monster just to get the srx license or something

  20. I know I'm a simcarde fan I hope this means we get a game like the TOCA series back on the PS2 something for everyone. Monster Games prove they could do it with NASCAR Heat 2 through the Tony Stewart trilogy. Now add they under IRacing they get AI for all tracks on PC and Monster Games make racing games on consoles.

    I enjoy NASCAR Heat 2 through Tony Stewart trilogy I just hope they don't put microtransaction in the games and put they on all platforms. Motorsport Games I really don't see myself buying their games on how they handling NASCAR so far!

  21. iRacing should now co-develop a Dirt to Daytona remake with Cup, Xfinity, Camping World Trucks, ARCA, Whelen Modified, SRX, gen 4 Cup cars, dirt late models, midget cars, and stadium trucks. That would be the ultimate American oval racing game.

  22. There buying all the competition so there the only nascar game out

  23. Dirt to Daytona was so dang fun back in the day.

  24. Well maybe we can get some good ai racing now. And if they can make the console games even a fraction as good as they were around 2003 that’s huge for the market.

  25. I hope they give us console gamers a good nascar racing game . That’s all I want is a pretty fun racing experience since I don’t have a pc

  26. If I had to give an opinion (prior to watching) my assumption is they are trying to get a larger team going to focus on all the different aspects of the sim. Eg: Have the senior engineers work on lower level (eg: deeper level) programming on their engine and then have the new people work on new systems.

    It's possible they'll bring in a new engine and working to convert over, but I would argue that would be unlikely unless they're also porting over their entire physics engine too. (which would be a task).

    End of the day, it seems more like they're just trying to make sure all aspects of the sim get a decent amount of work, rather than rotating around different parts of it.

    Problem is, i do see this as possibly causing a "rush" issue where we will start to see more issues with the sim overall without the polish we've seen from iRacing in the past (very visible on Watkins Glen update. Missing powerline objects, static shadows still there from objects removed, stuff past iRacing wouldn't have done)

    But this is what ya'll wanted, right?

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