ISU-152: Monster Game! II Wot Console - World of Tanks Console Modern Armour -

ISU-152: Monster Game! II Wot Console – World of Tanks Console Modern Armour

The Randy Duck
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World of Tanks Console of the tier 8 soviet tank destroyer the ISU-152, in wotconsole and world of tanks console modern armour.

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  1. Amazing content, I'm always learning from your channel. I've been playing wot console about 2 years now.

  2. Mine seems to be a hard-luck tank. Can't catch a break in it. Maybe as it levels up. Bounces NOTHING.

  3. Brilliant game mate. I stopped my grind at the SU100 but now I'm tempted to carry it on.

  4. I was wondering where you've been ? 😉 Great game 👍

  5. Oh man so glad you played one more and glad you shared it. What a game I would play this tank more fantastic stuff.

  6. That definitely deserved its own video, GG.

  7. Omg Randy what a game! I have to buy back the ISU 152! GG mate 👍 I love all your content it's really fun to watch!

  8. GG dude, absolutely amazing game. You weren't lying when you said it was a monster. Absolutely love it but never had more than 6k in it!

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