It Steals: A Horror Game Where the Monster Hides From YOU -

It Steals: A Horror Game Where the Monster Hides From YOU

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I̸n̶ ̸t̸h̷i̵s̶ ̶v̵i̶d̴e̸o̶,̶ ̸P̶a̶s̶t̷r̷a̴ ̷r̴a̷n̸t̶s̴ ̶o̴n̸c̸e̷ ̶a̴g̷a̸i̷n̷ ̷a̴b̷o̷u̴t̴ ̴a̷ ̸g̷a̵m̴e̴ ̷h̶e̶ ̸e̷n̸j̶o̶y̴s̷.̷ ̶H̶e̸’̴s̶ ̴l̷u̷c̸k̸y̴ ̴I̴ ̵l̵i̶k̵e̴ ̶t̸h̵i̴s̴ ̸o̴n̶e̴ ̸t̸o̸o̴.̴

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  1. Great video, however an improvement I would make is when you talk about the sound from the game (like the footsteps) to actually put them in the video so we as the viewers can experience that fear alongside you. Other than that seems like a great game, thanks for the video!

  2. this is gonna be the game that sends me down the horror game rabbit hole isn't it

  3. check replies just because I'm [not] sneaky 👍

  4. I like the idea where WE have the monster's gimmicks or both the player and the monster share a gimmick
    both hide and seek and the Phantom used those ideas perfectly

  5. Going over some of your older videos here. I love Zeekers' work. Being that he also did The Upturned. I can't wait for his 3rd game, Lethal Company. But, I'm rather surprised you made no mention of the bonus modes in It Steals, by playing the 'hard' version of each mode. For instance the Hide and Seek mode is way more open and it's harder to avoid where the monster is hiding.

  6. I can't play horror games in general
    But I MIGHT be able to challenge classic
    Probably be a you needn't go underwater
    Being underwater is just……I can't do it
    Phantom sounds awesome
    I personally like "sound monsters"
    Like Clickers or death angels
    But can HEAR

  7. what's the music used for the different modes' title cards, you know with the yellow thing with fifty shades of teeth

  8. i was just rewatching this video and wondering, what is the background music? at least the stuff we hear in the intro, i've heard it in a couple places before, especially other horror focused channels, but idk the name of the song, anyone know?

  9. Didn’t Markiplier play this game?
    Why is it so unpopular!?

  10. living walls would make a really interesting story concept. There are so many questions like "Why do the monsters disguise themselves as walls" or "What is out there that makes you die if stay away from a bunker for too long?"

  11. since when does the monster hide from us, wasn´t it like that we hide from the monster

  12. Can't wait till its ported to calculator, we are such a marginalised gaming group but I see potential in running this game on my Casio (FX-83GT Plus) Scientific Calculator

  13. What's the music in the middle segments? I really like it and wanna put it in one of my playlists so i can hear it more.

    Also I really like this video, the game is explained really well, I haven't played it yet but that's just because I don't have a PC.

  14. Since you constantly praise the sounddesign, you could have let us listen to some exemples without commentary…

  15. There’s bonus stages that I think up the horror. Instead of being in the dark, the maze has an open ceiling letting the sunlight in. Only that doesn’t help all too much. For shutter mode, you get a prompt saying the sun is setting so now you’re on a time limit collecting the orbs. Legs won’t appear in the lit up areas but that’ll change over time. For hide and seek, you’re in a wide open area outside that’s cluttered with junk making the maze around knee high. It’s easier to find the monsters now but now there’s more of them. It’s actually possible to collect most orbs without triggering the monsters but then you’d royally piss off the monster and have it call you a bad seeker before chasing you.

  16. that game made me feel not scared.

    the fact that the main character is scary enough to where even the MONSTER HIDES FROM YOU
    just makes me feel great.

    i love to see scared looks on people's faces lol.
    (now, dont go on saying "oh your mentally insane oaooaoaoaooaoaooaoaoaoaooaoa"

  17. as a newcomer here i think you should show the fotage of you playing the game not the parts of it i see the video on my recommended and thought it as a lets play video not commentary it would be cool if we could see you play the game

  18. Hello, I would like to ask if the song in the intro is yours or not because I really like it and wanted to listen to a whole song. ty

  19. ''it steals''
    ''what does it steals tho?''
    * illuminati music starts playing *

  20. Billion dollar idea: Shutter mode, but the rapidly approaching footsteps are relaxed with the Mr. Krabs walking sound.

  21. This is random but your voice reminds me of Blu from Rio

  22. In shutter mode the monsters loud and quick footsteps paired with its fast movement speed and the snickering sounds it makes made it kind of funny, it runs up to you, you snap your camera – catching a glimpse of its stupid smile, and it scurries off with it's stupid laugh. This repeats over and over again.

  23. I guess you could say it steals your breath

  24. why are you scarier then the games you cover

  25. The fact the creator, “zeekers” originally started off as a roblox Dev is really impressive, if you play roblox, and you’re been playing Since at least 2016, you might’ve known the game I’m referring to,


  26. Shutter sounds scary, but it also sounds like it's extremely mentally exhausting to play. Can't imagine doing that for more than a few minutes.

  27. Why is there a stupid drawing in the corner sometimes

  28. The hide and seek mode is simultaneously the scariest and most wholesome level. He’s having so much fun playing with you that he squeals in joy every time he finds you

  29. I'm just going to ask . . . Does anybody know what background music he is using?

  30. it steals reminds me of dark deception with the whole maze collecting orbs deal

  31. Can anyone tell me what music is being used in the very beginning of the video? I've tried looking in the description, the comments, and even Pastra's Twitter for what music he uses and I can't find that one.

  32. It took me a while to realize that the name "It steals" is probably not talking about literal stealing
    it's talking about stealing in the cheating sense, something I've never seen english speaking people do
    so much so, it only made sense to me when I said it in my mother tongue
    It cheats, it breaks it's own rules, it tricks you.

  33. Might I suggest the Siactro games (Toree, Tasty Ramen, Kiwi64, etc). You can get just about all of them for under $10 and you won’t be disappointed

  34. what was the background music in the beginning half of the intro and in the overview

  35. when i first saw the title, i was thinking it was going to be one of those psychological horror games where you don’t understand what’s going on until the end, or maybe even long after you finish it and you have to ponder it. where you don’t realize that you were the monster who was playing around the protagonist the whole time and you had no idea. i love games where you don’t understand it and really make you think, id love to see pastra find and talk about a game like that.

  36. This reminds me of a nightmare I had in the fourth grade.

  37. I believe no one lives under the lighthouse is being remade by puppet combo/torture star 🙂

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