Jelanda Transforms -

Jelanda Transforms

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( Re-uploaded with higher frame rates and quality )The infamous scene in Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth where Princess Jelanda was unknowingly given Ghoul Powder to permanently turn her into a Ghoul. The person who supplied the Ghoul Powder and arranged Jelanda’s demise was Lombert, an Adviser for the King and Jelanda herself. Her soul became corrupt and her body was warped into that of a heartless and mindless demon.

This scene would have been much more meaningful if Valkyrie didn’t recruit dead people. I would have preferred it that the dead stay dead and Jelanda’s transformation happen at the end of the game after the player is allowed to get attached for her. The lack of character development and the way TriAce pulled the story in Valkyrie Profile just made Jelanda’s transformation feel meaningless.


  1. why didn't they attack her mid-transformation? are they stupid?

  2. Idk but i love this … This is from some videogame or serie?

  3. Lol she turned into Legaly distinct Diablo.

  4. they literally had so much time to run away 💀

  5. why the girl sounds like ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhh like moaning when she sex someone well

  6. … Dude, this is basically just Diablo. It even looks like Diablo down to the horn in the middle of the head which is where the soul stone is

  7. Bro has faceless when the head gets transferred

  8. Deaf people: I don't get it 😐Blind people: Wtf am I watching!? 💀

  9. Bruh turns a blonde into a Satan

  10. Bruh turns a blonde into a Satan

  11. Deaf people: I don't get it 😐

    Blind people: Wtf am I watching!? 💀

  12. I don't care what you say, this is Diablo from Diablo 2

  13. The worst thing about this is that it's not from a shitty mobile ad

  14. I'm telling my kids that this is puberty.

  15. Another japanese game with cute girls being transformed into monsters? This looks familiar

  16. where tf am i and why am i watching a giant foreskin swallow an innocent-looking girl?

  17. Okay, I'm speechless, what have I been watching

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