Jimmy Butler's MONSTER 40-PT Triple-Double in Game 3 🔥 | #NBAFinals - godsandmonstersgame.com

Jimmy Butler’s MONSTER 40-PT Triple-Double in Game 3 🔥 | #NBAFinals

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Jimmy Butler had a career night in Game 3 of the #NBAFinals, recording a triple-double by scoring 40 PTS, grabbing 13 REB and dishing out 11 AST to go along with 2 BLK and 2 STL!
Butler’s historic outing helped the Heat take Game 3 in the best-of-seven NBA Finals.

Game 4 of the #NBAFinals presented by YouTube TV ▶ Tuesday at 9 PM ET on ABC!
(LAL leads 2-1)

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  1. IDC what anyone says, this was one of the most legendary moments in NBA finals history. He legit looked like a top 5 player in this game.

  2. jimmy has something that harden is lacking

  3. It is January 1, 2021 and I am still watching this game of Jimmy Buckets

  4. Jimmy Went off in the bubble took Miami to the finals even tho they lost they fought hard and I respect that 👍

  5. Any other heat fans coming here as consolation as the heat are 8-14 just four months later

  6. Jimmy butler is the first player in the history of miami heat get a triple double

  7. when u getting 40 point quadruple doubles and still lose

  8. This run by the heat is some of the best basketball I have ever seen

  9. My favorite part is when he told LeBron "y'all on trouble". They wasn't obviously but I love that part anyway

  10. Masterful. Jimmy buckets, one of the best players of this era. One of the few guys that could truly play in any era, with any type of rules.

  11. 0:43
    Rules/stat keeping question. Who gets credit for the steal here?

  12. they will be back to the finals this year trust me

  13. Imagine what Butler can do if he had supporting cast like LeBron does.

  14. Pov: you watching this after Miami lost for the second time with bucks on the playoffs

  15. I love the horn be like YEAGHHHHH JIMMY BUTLER!!!

  16. I come back to this video every week!🥺⭐️

  17. Jimmy and Heat deserved that ring 💍. But money, politics, greed, popularity, corruption and refs and the NBA whoever really runs it, and using Kobe Bryant’s legendary status just because he was a Lakers, honestly all this was to make lebrons status go even higher then the roof. Idc what people have to say about this post. Regardless of what happened in the 2020 finals the Heat were the real champions.

  18. Jimmy is such a badass. Definitely one of my top five personally favorite players.

  19. Surprised this hasn’t hit 1M views yet this was a flat out performance man

  20. i come back and watch this once a month, really want to have his mentality.

  21. Clown got swept when it really mattered, bubble guppies fluke

  22. Jimmy Butler is the only player to record a 40pt triple double AND win the game AND no 3s! Lebron James, along with jerry west, did the same but they didn't win the game..

  23. Amazing performance but this was the wackest nba finals ever.

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