Jimmy Butler's MONSTER 40-PT Triple-Double in Game 3 🔥 | #NBAFinals - godsandmonstersgame.com

Jimmy Butler’s MONSTER 40-PT Triple-Double in Game 3 🔥 | #NBAFinals

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Jimmy Butler had a career night in Game 3 of the #NBAFinals, recording a triple-double by scoring 40 PTS, grabbing 13 REB and dishing out 11 AST to go along with 2 BLK and 2 STL!
Butler’s historic outing helped the Heat take Game 3 in the best-of-seven NBA Finals.

Game 4 of the #NBAFinals presented by YouTube TV ▶ Tuesday at 9 PM ET on ABC!
(LAL leads 2-1)

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  1. He is the goat in game three next game 60 point🐐🔥🔥🔥

  2. Jimmy Butler looks like that guy that played on a Birth of a Nation movie

  3. Jimmy Butler has been where Tim Thibodeau and Derrick Rose never been 😯

  4. 3:05 faked him out the gym.. he reminds me of kawhi, plays with a slower pace but has so many moves on lock and a solid mid-range game , strength to bully bigger defenders as well

  5. My favorite player Butler, and I got a butler 😈😈👀😂

  6. Jimmy Butler is the reason why i started watching basketball.

  7. You know lakers be giving 1 free win per team each series. 1 win from the heat, IM NOT IMPRESSED. BUT THEY DID PLAY HARD.

  8. Jimmy vs the lakers or AI vs the lakers? 🤔

  9. Jimmy Butler's 40point triple double is more meaningful that KD's rings

  10. LeGM: I can't clutch😂need more help
    LeGM pick 3 draft No.1 AD+Howard😂
    LeGM still not satisfy even need more😂pick Rondo+Danny green+KCP+mcgee+morris+caruso+Kuzma next superstar

  11. Have you no shame allowing clear travelling violation and posting them as highlights in the nba? In 1:01 he spins and changes his pivot foot with no call

  12. Lets go on game 6 on October 11 2020 goodluck miami on gam6 jimmy for win goodbless all NBA players spicialiy to mr kwai leonard

  13. an iconic nba finals moment for 2020

    jimmy to his bench: "he's in trouble……."

  14. I've Compiled Edits About Jimmy Butler's Determination On My Channel You Take A Look pls ?

  15. Sorry, the miami heat jersey stays on during secks

  16. until today, i still think about the possibilities if bam and dragic were there 🙂

  17. Heat: we don’t have bam or dragic!

    Jimmy: here, hop on my back

  18. Look at Jimmy Butler man. So inspirational.

  19. Jimmy is had the mamba mentality AND mj's goatness THE HEAT WILL TAKE THE NEXT RING BABYYYY

  20. Kawhi and Jimmy would’ve been perfect, the quiet killer and the vocal leader, not whatever is going on with PG-13 and Kawhi.

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