Killing Floor 2: HoE Solo Monster Ball Commando Long Game w/Hans -

Killing Floor 2: HoE Solo Monster Ball Commando Long Game w/Hans

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The opt-in beta for the Halloween update Monster Masquerade is underway for PC. Sorry console users! The presentation for this year is astonishing. The new zeds look amazing along with the new map Monster Ball, everything seamlessly fits the tone of the Halloween event. The update features 4 new weapons. 2 belonging to Commando, a returning weapon from the first game, the FN FAL ACOG, and Hans Volters signature MKb.42. Medic gets the HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle which fires healing grenades instead of the frag rounds. And lastly, Berserker gets the Road Redeemer. A chained bat only unlockable with the purchase of Road Redemption.

Hello everyone, I’m back from hiatus. I didn’t want to miss out on my favorite seasonal event Halloween Horrors. Forgive the delay of the video I’m usually pretty quick when it comes to uploading these but I needed to unlock the MKb.42 to show it off which took a whole day followed by the upload. Needless to say the 2 weapons I showcased for Commando are undoubtably strong. The FN FAL has potential to exceed most of the top tiers respectively. It’s DPS is quite insane. The MKb.42 does good damage, but lacks in fire rate. Still a great alternative for other rifles that said, both weapons are incredibly fun to shoot. The medic weapon I haven’t had time to play around with, and I don’t have the Road Redeemer for Berserker. As for the map, Monster Ball is remarkably atmospheric. The maps lighting is gorgeous in many areas it’s scenery is detailed and no two areas look the same. The map layout is fairly open. You can hold out or kite depending on where you hold. I got more CD videos in the works, more uploads soon. Thanks for watching.

Change Log:

To join the opt-in beta for PC follow these steps.
1. Go to your steam game library
2. Right click Killing Floor 2 then go into properties
3. Find the betas tab on the top
4. Select the beta into preview-
5. Let the update install

Wave 7/10 – 16:32
Boss Wave – 30:43

Skills Used:
Level 5: Tactical Reload / Large Mags
Level 10: Fallback
Level 15: Tenacious
Level 20: Hollow Point Rounds
Level 25: Machine Gunner


  1. Hi, I just wanted to ask because some wierd blood bug appeared after the 2018 Halloween update… the gore system featured a mechanism like if you shoot the zeds head off and as it keeps walking headless it will spray blood everywhere on the ground (mentioned here in gore diaries in exactly third minute ), and also if you blow someone up and look at the flying parts of the body blood should drip from those on ground as well but like I said after Halloween update it all disappeared and game is now less messy

  2. Now I really wish I actually signed on to get that mkb.42, was one of my favorite weapons in kf1

  3. Is it me or is the weapon hans uses just a renamed stg44 because that's what it looks like

  4. Must be a whole lot easier on PC than on console.

  5. In the start of the match man's looked like john wick with the moves and the accuracy

  6. Love the music on this map. Helps me go beast mode on them zeds

  7. This is how I feel that I play in my mind, reality not so much lol

  8. i want there to be a filp mag for any weapons. Just john wick it 25/64

  9. You make headshotting Scrakes and Fleshpounds look like as if they were just common clots….

  10. less than a minute in and the accuracy blows me away
    hot DAYUM

  11. This guy makes killing flesh pounds look like they are made out of cotton candy.

  12. "I may be dead but im still pretty"
    Gets melee bashed in the face 2 seconds later
    "Uh You were saying"

  13. Why do you shoot the rioters in the leg?

  14. Idk but i got the feeling he played the round on half speed

  15. Isn't that a german strumgevehr44/STG44/MP44

  16. heyy i would love to join you in the game and imma stick behind you 🤣

  17. I love when Hanz is the announcer and the castle map

  18. im gonna get rioted for this but i think the commando perk is one of the most useless and weakest perks. Guns barely do damage bosses and its very slow cant run away from zeds. change my mind…

  19. Дмитрий Волошано́вский says:

    Announcer sounds like an angry Medic

  20. Heinrich von Schröwinkle Totenkopf IX says:

    Monster Ball is my most favorite map only becouse of Dj Hans

  21. Your bashing skills are off the chain my dude, like watching a TAS

  22. I wonder why he stopped posting commando gameplay. This is the most recent one that he’s posted and it’s over three years old. Man I miss his videos. I could watch them everyday. His gameplay is like a symphony of destruction. Maybe he just got bored of the game, maybe he doesn’t like the way it is now, I don’t know. I just hope it’s a temporary break and he comes back because nothing on YouTube is as entertaining as these videos, I watch them even when I’m not playing KF. I’ve been watching the channel since like 2016 and it never gets old to me.

    However, if he really is sick of the game, I wouldn’t want him to come back if he doesn’t enjoy it anymore, his gameplay has entertained me for years and I guess I can accept him being gone. I suppose all good things must come to an end.

  23. you have a way of making this game look so entertaining, amazing video

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