Kingdom Death: Monster - Shut Up & Sit Down Review -

Kingdom Death: Monster – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

Shut Up & Sit Down
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  1. Tits , death and Rock and Roll?!?!?! That is the credo of my life to date. Truly the most entertaining review I have watched. Bravo you Tiger nard annihilator.

  2. Watching this with 1.6 pre orders announced this weekend. Considering if £270 is worth it!!!

  3. This is the Holy Grail of tabletop gaming. My favorite game, hands down.

  4. The Campaign for North Africa as designed by Clive Barker?

  5. I love SUSD and have watched every one of their videos many times over.

    But something haunts me to this day.

    Who is big haired man? How does he fit into the SUSD expanded universe? Why was he never seen again after this video?

    These are the things that keep me awake at night.

  6. So the campaign is the size of a shelf star destroyers doubled in size?

  7. "think of something that's really big"

    imagines the Titanic

    "no, no something bigger than that"

    k, imagines… NY city

    "right, double that"


    "now think of like, a whole shelf of those"


  8. Thanks for mentioning the aesthetic. It does get a bit excessive imo.

  9. This game is #37 on BGG, that's how I get here. Now, I am confused? Is it not a Top 50 game or is it?

  10. The hands coming out of the giant eagle thing’s ass pretty much summed this one up for me.

  11. Been playing KDM as a two player over lockdown. Yes it's messy and bitty and such a pain in the ass sometimes, and your getting punched in the face constantly, for reasons that are mostly not your fault BUT THEN……….you finally kill the horrible mess of thing that's been throwing your guys around like dog toys for the last hour and it feels so so very good. Then you harvest the carcass and build a bad ass weapon from it! And for some reason… you keep going.

  12. You know how people constantly die in this game and you have to make up new names? (You can only use survival abilities after you've named a character. That's a rule.) One of our players solved this problem by constantly inventing new names based on the old one. Edmure. Edmoor. Eddmure. Etmure. Ettmure. It was starting to drive us crazy, which was funny to him, so he continued. Then we fought the phoenix. It saw him. It unnamed him. He lost his name. Nobody could remember his name. He could no longer use survival abilities. And he could never again go by the same name, or he would cease to exist. The game literally made him break his naming scheme, lol. His new name was Edless, and his next character is called Ariah.

  13. You mistake one thing. This is a glorified RPG. That puts all the paperwork in its proper context.

  14. I just looked and this games $400 now in 2021? No way. Anyone here in Pittsburgh have it. Can I borrow lol

  15. Couldn't you just buy Tabletop simulator and then look on the workshop for unlimited boardgames? Hold on, research.
    Okay, pretty sure I'm right. The time it takes to play one boardgame to completeness allows more than one boardgame to be made on the workshop.

  16. It's really interesting going back and hearing that initial ramble. Kickstarters are so core to a lot of games, you now routinely expect a second one if the game turns out good. They very often hit the common market now with very little exclusives in a lot of cases. Kinda just funny looking back and remembering "Oh yeah, they kinda started out as a weird niche with a promise you'd only get the game from here".

  17. Repeatedly starting over is not really something that excites me at all. Is there no alternative?

  18. Hi I'm approaching this game and it looks amazing,but I can't buy it and I really wish to try it out,is someone able to send me photos or pdf of the rules so I can play it on tabletop simulator?
    Or someone that has the physical game and want to play it from distance

  19. Me currently putting together the 3 busty female models from echoes of death 3: "what do you mean it's sexist"

  20. I do really like darker, edgy kind of board games that have this intense death metal theme going on but after seeing several reviews for games its a chaotic genre in gaming. Its either really niche, not that good, or can be super good but its all over the place.

  21. I love the idea and concept of this game but it seems like you’d need a really dedicated group to actually get to grips with it and get through the campaign. As much as I’d like to own it and play it I know I would never get much use out of it. Shame

  22. I honestly hate how female survivors are designed, they look like they are out of hentai, not a cruel world that the game presents. They reek of sexual frustration.

  23. If I get this, I'm painting the box over with vantablack.

  24. This video is like a documentary. I enjoed watching it.

  25. Two reasons that really made me not want to play this: The sexism and the paperwork.

  26. This is what happens when board games try to be Dark Souls 😀

  27. Have a bad time… all the time. That's my philosophy, Marty.

  28. This game really wants to be a video game

  29. I feel like KDM might be better for more groups as a D&D thing where the DM can carefully fudge things to keep things difficult and deadly, but not completely campaign ruining because a single bad die roll ruined everything.

  30. that moment when you realise all the Spinal Tap references are a call-forward to the prog rock analogy at the end of the review <3

  31. I don't even have this game but just watched multiple how to play videos of it and still, it all sounds complicated.

  32. Thanks so much for this video. Apart from being entertaining it was one of the best videos to break down the pros/cons of the game.

  33. Kingdom Death: Monster

    The even harder and more Unfair version of Machina Arcana. (and some might say more unbalanced)

    I love machine arcana but often I feel that its not unfair enough, and Kingdom Death seems do have my death wish covered.
    there is just something about fighting an incredible monsters or Lovecraftian monsters and being able to defeat them that just doesn't make sense for me, and this game really seems to put emphasis on the: "you are not supposed to fight even less kill these creatures!"

  34. You kinda described the best genre of music in a negative light making me strongly consider this game.

  35. i miss paul. so many spinal tap references <3

  36. A whole shelf of planet earths two times the size?

  37. I think I'd enjoy it. But for the dice, I may have to tweak the combat.

  38. This is the first SU&SD video I ever saw, and it remains one of the best. I love Paul's presence in his reviews, and the general approach to thinking about board games that he encapsulates.

  39. Do you like inevitable doom? Do you like everything going wrong and losing something permanently? Do you like punching the dick off a lion and using its sack as a hat? Do you like TIDDIES? Hell, do you wish Berserk didn’t have politics and just had MORE TIDDIES? Then Kingdom Death: Monster is for you!

  40. A relevant video again since I'm seeing the new sexy dude models here and there on the internet

  41. The gross sexualization is a big turn-off here.

  42. "Never in the history of board games did punching the balls off a lion… produce so much paperwork…"

  43. The only review where i can hear "river of poop" and know for sure it's not a metaphor

  44. I'd like another review of this now since there's now multiple campaigns available, the campaign book and the refined card sets. I think they've really tuned it? You can have an accelerated start with First Hero, a harder start with the Crimson Crocodile, the Gambler's Chest campaign and that's not even counting the other campaigns they talked about.

    I don't think it's quite sexist either? Mostly because every figure, male or female, that's human is idealised and graphic.

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