KONG & GODZILLA TEAM UP, BEST MONSTER GAME EVER - War of the Monsters Gameplay - godsandmonstersgame.com


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  1. damn I remember playing this and you can play as sweet tooth he is the forth skin for the Aztec monster plus in the Tokyo level if you throw something at the UFO it will do a tsunami attack on the whole area

  2. Dude this game brings back so many memories holy shit.

  3. Loved this game so much, my brothers and I played it so much when we were younger.

  4. Oooooommmmmgggggg this was my favorite game as a kid this was all id play with my cousin😍😍😍

  5. yo I played that game with my dad all the time
    thank you for playing it. brings back good times

  6. I remember playing this with my god brother soooo many years ago :O the nostalgia <3

  7. i still have this game on my ps3, but ive been playing it since i had my disc…which was scratched to hell…but worked fine, now i play it when im bored

    Ultra V and Congo are my mains. what are yours?

  8. also ik this game front and back if you want to know all of the moves…but its cool if you want to remember them on your own…

  9. I've played the shit out of this game when i was a little kid man dude the feels THE FEELS. <3

  10. I LOVE THE LIVING DAY LIGHTS OUTTA THIS GAAAAAAMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing original has tried to top this game!!! I've been waiting for something else like this to happen but no VG dev co. wants to tackle this. We have Godzilla (2014) but my problem with it is how difficult unlocking some characters needs to be!!! And Saban/Bandai Namco has GREAT potential for a new POWER⚡RANGERS game like this but they refuse to (because they can't afford it)? All we have now is shooting giant kaiju with human sized folk!! 😠

  11. Me and my brother always refused to play these characters without giving them voices allegiances.

    Ultra V (leader), Congar, Preytor, Robo-47 and Preytor are our protagonists.

    Raptros (Gatherer/leader), Zorgulon, Togera, Agamo and his rival Magmo are our antagonists.

    Raptros wants to destroy all humans (😉) because he (And his fellow dragon at the Air Force base) remembers those in medieval England who killed him and his family and (after his fellow is killed) wants to gather all monsters who'll wants to destroy humans for control and Zorgulon (Member of the E.T. race in the game) comes to his aid to help him with that. The government scientists who built the Ultras (Japanese) and Robo Series Mechs (U.S.A.) notice activities from this after failure to stop them and agree to work together.

    Ultra V(5) and Robo-47 can communicate with each other via the E.T. fuel goo used to animate them and enhance the other monsters and they agree to gathering monsters who have been seen not harming anyone and who has been beat down by antagonists to counter the antagonists as (hopefully) a team. Etc.. #WAROFTHEMONSTERS

  12. I played the game and still have it in my PS2

  13. OMG Riot your playing my child hood favorite game bro, the eye ball guy was my favorite monster. Omg I'm so happy your playing this game, Time flys man. I hate being old lol

  14. I was playing this game all the time when i was young
    I had it on PS2

  15. Does anyone know if i can find this game anywhere ?

  16. I love this game I played it all the time

  17. I feel bad for you because I'm soooooo good at that game
    I have all the charters and i know all the moves and the

  18. Lol. Had a lot of fun with this game. 😀

  19. I havnt played this game in so long 😂 last time I did it was on the PS2

  20. I havnt played this game in so long 😂 last time I did it was on the PS2

  21. my childhood. I used to play it with my sis

  22. Me and my brother used yo play the shut out of that game. I always used to be the dragon….. Because dragons that's why.

  23. I love this game my fav monster is THE DRAGON I LOVE DRAGONS

  24. I was a beast at this game it was so great

  25. Im a big fan im your supporter since my childhood

  26. Future Trunks Black Game Developer and BeatMaker says:

    Childhood activated also you would a mecha version called override mecha city brawl

  27. We need more videos on this game. Its a good fun game

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