Lakers-Nuggets Game 4 reaction: LeBron's monster game not enough to beat Jokic | Draymond Green Show -

Lakers-Nuggets Game 4 reaction: LeBron’s monster game not enough to beat Jokic | Draymond Green Show

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Draymond Green reacts to the Denver Nuggets sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, LeBron James’s incredible performance, Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray leading the Nuggets to the NBA Finals, Anthony Davis having a poor performance, Aaron Gordon stepping up, what the Lakers do now, and much more. Then, Dray discusses a similar outcome with the Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics series, including Grant Williams poking the Jimmy Butler bear and why the Celtics’ stars need to step up. Finally, Dray gives his thoughts on Carmelo Anthony announcing his retirement.

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  1. This nigga draymond legit said nothing about Jokic and nem 😂. Malone got a point.

  2. Why do people keep saying “nobody is talking about the Nuggets” lmao like stfu everyone is saying theyre a good team yall just hate anyone saying anything about the Lakers

  3. Zen Master's Black Basketball Channel says:

    Monster half…you mean, monster half

  4. The fact is people don't care about Denver like that… not a major market 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. This fool drooling over Lebum and the lakers

  6. He opened the show like the Lakers won the series, just talking Lakers, Denver swept them lol

  7. Give the Nuggets some credit my man

  8. At age 38 with no bench rest, LeBron consistently ran out of gas in the fourth quarter in the Denver Series.

    LeBron shot a record low 1 for 22 for 3-pointers in the 4th quarter during the playoffs.

    Game 1 Denver series, 4th quarter 1 offensive rebounds, shooting 0 for 2 from 3-pointers, 1 for 4 field goals.

    Game 2 Denver series, 4th quarter 0 offensive rebounds, shooting 0 for 3 from 3-pointers, 3 for 7 field goals.

    Game 3 out of gas in 4th quarter 0 offensive rebounds, shooting 1 for 4 from 3-pointers, 2 for 6 field goals.

    Game 4 out of gas in 4th quarter 0 offensive rebounds, 0 for 1 from 3, 1 for 6 field goals, 3 points.

  9. DG – “the series was stolen – the Lakers actually won and will be world champs again”.

  10. Hi, Draymond let's sign Blake Griffin I think it's good fit for us

  11. I think the issue is the Nuggets dont have a historical record of championships like the Lakers or LeBron. If they win this year..which I think they will..and by all indications could be in the thick of it over the next couple of years they'll get plenty of press.

  12. Admiral Krank and His Mighty Band of Spacemen says:

    Why would anyone who could play basketball at such a high level- i.e. as a distinguished accomplished professional- care about what a bunch of random dudes who can't play basketball for shit?

  13. I am tired of Draymond's Laker adulation. Bron s tapping out. Can't stand his focus on himself. TLking about your career and quitting after your team got swept? Selfish.

  14. Jokic breaks Wilt Chamberlin's record for most triple doubles in a playoff run with 8 – and he still has one more series to play ….. but hey, let's talk about the Lakers….

  15. This man is really talking about TT for 5 mins smh lol did he even play 5mins in the game? And we all know Lebron gave hints of retirement to remove the attention from him being swept. We aren't dumb lol

  16. Idk what your talking about draymond! The Celtics have been a let down all playoffs! The nuggets have been the most impressive team in the playoffs. Second most impressive was the lakers! 3rd most impressive is the heat! The only thing your right about was I didn’t think it would be a sweep or the heat going up 3-0! That’s crazy but I still had the heat and nuggets winning their series respectively.

  17. Trade D-lo for a true big cause that's all they needed to win AD really a pf trade for a clint capela or trade him and AD for a Rudy gobert and a colin sexton in a 3 team trade or something but guys who stay healthy kyrie and AD both injured too much that'll be too much on lebron at age 39 and warriors should trade Poole for a real big like a miles Turner who can shoot and spread the floor but still have a post game but also good in pick n roll plus going enough to build pieces around still worst case you gotta keep Draymond and Steph and sad to say Wiggins because he's your future due to age and klay could get you a great player packaged with poole and let's say a moody in a 3 team deal get like a miles and a zack lavine line up something like steph zack wiggins dray and turner that's a chip easy

  18. Draymond you went from hating Lebron to being a fan WTH happened… y’all being Rivals is entertaining now Bron got you on his payroll or something…🤦🏾‍♂️

  19. Just because lebron your daddy and you wanna say he the greatest so it make your championships look good you can still criticize him you do it to anybody but lebron get off his nuts

  20. Draymond kissing Lebron's butt every chance he gets. Also kissing Tristan Thompson's butt when he smacked him in the face. Sad

  21. Draymond’s always had a thing for Lebron’s nuts

  22. This fool said Lakers will win in 7 🤡🤡🤡

  23. LMAO, Draymond is actually sad because Lebron was swept. Double agent, don't betray Steph!

  24. We all know y’all wit clutch sports nobody wants no fucking Tristian Thompson

  25. While I think Dray def allows his love for Bron to surface in his pod (he even mentions Lobos tequilla 10:50, which he invested in WITH Bron and AD), this criticism is so overblown.

    Everyone knows the Nuggets are the better team hands down; they are established, healthy and clicking as a unit, vs. an unorganized newly formed Lakers team.

    Media is talking about Lakers and Bron due to the sheer fact that this was never going to work out for them. Nuggets didn't have to do anything too special to beat this Lakers team.

  26. Dray ain’t bring up Bron hitting side of back board and not getting shot up at the end. We don’t care bout being tired. You tired get out the game.

  27. I guess he can get off his knees because his goat got swept in a 7 game series.His prediction fell apart about lebron winning in 6 .Hes upset he can't win without steph maybe he fan finally shut up once and for all.

  28. Why is he discussing the losing team? We knew that the Lakers nor the Warriors were going to the finals.

  29. Love the podcasts Dray, keep em coming even after everything! This is alot of true Basketball fans, outlet to just exercise raw basketball talk. Cheers OG

  30. Lakers weren’t swept at all. Lakers won the last 3. The refs clearly let the nuggets win. You can’t deny that at all. If you do you’re delusional. I’m tired of the nba rigging games

  31. draymond being a top tier glazer, anything new these days?

  32. Stop suckin up to lebron
    That idiot got you suspended and cost you a championship

  33. Why am I listening to you talk about Tristan Thompson for 10 minutes?… sponsored by Clutch.. 🤔

  34. I wont even finish listening this… waste a eartime. Man forgot the nuggets are better than the lakers

    Draymond go back to playing basketball. You have become like regular media. Michael malone is so correct.. i hope the nuggets win it all and you would still talk about the losers

  35. He calls himself the “smartest of the smart” and his baloney-pony chosen one just got swept by a Eastern European horse breeder after he picked the Lakers in 6 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. 4:52 when I seen mo bamba coming back 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 dray stupid asf. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Draymond say Leb-ron need a 'monster' game. Leb-ron have monster game, for one Half. Tha game two Halves long.

    Da Lakerz were gassed, and had nothing left in the tank. They were gassed after Game 2. That's what happens when playing a Team that both lives and trains at Altitude. The Nuggets are in better shape, period.

    But no, youse bring in Kyrie, Curry, and whomever else. Keep trying to make SuperTeams. See what Kyrie ego do to Team cohesion and Chemistry. Hell, go get Ja, too! 🙄

  38. He envisiones Lebron whenever he holds the mic to give his best performance 💪💪

  39. Dray, you sound like you're in love with Bron. Why don't you just join his team, that way you can spend more time bowing down to your king.

  40. Who’s here after Celtics game 6?! We DoNe, nah YOU done

  41. Thought he was going to talk about the sweep but all he talked about was fuckin Tristan Thompson

  42. Michael Malone needs to stop crying he’s whole ass IN THE NBA FINALS!!! He shouldn’t give a single solitary fuck what anybody is talking about in the media. All that crying makes him look bad, everything going his way n he’s so worried about what n who the media is talking about. He act like they been there n done it n won championships like Denver is a big market lol I guarantee you the heat doesn’t give a fuck whether you pick them or talk about them or suck them off or not, that’s the mindset Malone should have. Get it thru y’all heads that LA is one of the cornerstone franchises in nba history it literally is a huge part of why the nba is what it is now. They literally have 17 championships along with countless of greats throughout its existence. They also have Lebron James who is arguably the greatest player to ever touch a basketball, the guy the nba made the face n has been that for 20 plus years, the guy who literally ALL these talk shows make their money off of etc. Denver however hasn’t been anything close to anything I listed above So yea there are SEVERAL reasons to why the Lakers get so much coverage. Without the Lakers the nba wouldn’t be around. Worry about getting #1 n then talk, the bucks won one n nobody is talking about that now so I hope he doesn’t think they’ll all of a sudden catapult ahead of the teams that make the nba those big bucks

  43. Regarding the NBA finals between the Heat and the Nuggets, Mr. Joker may not have won the League MVP, but he has taken his team to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. What does that mean! Just as the saying goes that "Action speaks louder than words", I add: Performance speaks louder than votes. I love both teams, but would like a new name on the NBA championship Chronicle.

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