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LeBron’s MONSTER Performance Lifts Lakers To Game 3 Win 👑

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LeBron James stuffed the stat sheet Tuesday night and led the Lakers to a 112-102 win over the Houston Rockets to grab a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference Semifinals! LBJ racked up 36 PTS, 7 REB, 5 AST and 4 BLK on his way to becoming the all-time leader in #NBAPlayoffs wins with 162!

LeBron and the Lakers will take to the court again in Game 4 Thursday at 7 PM ET on TNT!

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  1. People forget that this is basically giannis' statline every game🙄

  2. Just… just… just… A-MA-ZING blocks man… !!! 😱😱😱

  3. Imagine Lebron had Kris Middleton in 2007 and got bounced in the Semis by a 5 Seed

  4. Magic..jordan…lebron…Hakeem the dream and wilt chamberlin all in prime would be the greatest team ever!!!!!

  5. How was he not 1st or 2nd team all defense he has been playing great defense all season.

  6. James just played in his own league. He is just KINGJAMES.

  7. Still you cannot tie the greatness that Kobe Bryant did

  8. LeBron Hypocrite James. Don't offend the Chinese government. Hypocrite.

  9. This dude Lebron still a man amongst boys. Sheesh!!💯💪🏾

  10. Ageless king LBJ since the day you stepped in NBA court i knew it you are my inspiration please retire at 50. I'm not ready yet to idolise any superstar in NBA yet. Iloveyou king 👑

  11. But of course that's LBJ!🤩
    Avid fan from the Phils here.😍

  12. Playing against LeBron must be so frustrating.

  13. Am I seeing things, or he hit his head on the backboard ? (3:08)

  14. Let's wait til tomorrow and see there would be a title like "Kawhi's MONSTER Performance Lifts Clippers to game 4 (Sept. 9)

  15. I L❤️ve LBJ he is a great player, always my MVP 🏀 power on James, WIN that game 👍👏👏👏👏👏. Avid fan from Philippines

  16. LeBron playing like he's fucking 27 years old

  17. The best ever 👑 he ain’t from this planet he will do this until he’s 40 .once every 100 years athlete

  18. Oh yeah me over hear blastin' deltaparole to this right of this time

  19. I can't wait for lebron to hit his prime next 2-3yrs. Watch out, NBA!

  20. This not real basketball pleasing one basketball Facilitator for Championships

  21. they don't call him the king for nothing. It's disputable on who is the goat, but
    if you ask me, Michael / kobe / lebron are all Goats on the top of that mountain.

    Gotta give Credit to lebron for playing for so long when others retired, got injured or died and
    that Champion keeps going and going, a bit like forest gump.

  22. He will be cheated in mvp race with giannis. That's for SURE.

  23. I'm glad I can say I witnessed greatness 👁👁

  24. Even if Lebron declines he will still be 6 man of the year quality.

  25. Lbj will most likely pass Kareem in total scoring at the end of his career. thanks to his 3pt shooting ability which came out of the blue for the last couple of seasons. One of the most conditioned men in the league. He uses his energy economically and deteriorates his body much less compared to the same age of Mj or Kobe..

  26. We need this Lebron in Game 3 vs. Nuggets 😊 He’s choking badly in Game 2 😂😂 I just Time travel back here.

  27. Gostaria muito de comprimento este cidadão..Norte Americano que sente na pele o que é ser Negro em um País com diplomacia Passista…Eu um homem que defende os direitos do cidadão negro no sei país de origem…Contribui com o libertação do seu povo ..Direitos social.. Parabens PORTO ALEGRE RS BRASIL ♥️

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