Little Nightmares 2 - The Teacher (All Scenes) HD 1080p60 PC -

Little Nightmares 2 – The Teacher (All Scenes) HD 1080p60 PC

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Little Nightmares II The Teacher Boss – All Scenes of Chapter 2 School
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Gameplay Raw footage edited in a synthetic manner for information purposes. All Gameplay played, recorded & edited by me.
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  1. I didnt know that her head can fit on the vent

  2. What is the move name? Huhu this is long neck scary teacher

  3. The teachers sound was used in the mimic

  4. LylianaPup suited as blue intile 2026 says:

    5:57 OMG!!! what happend to that raw body with all the eternal organs?

  5. I think horror video games are better than horror movies in my opinion

  6. Looks like elastic girl being monster. 😀


  8. The teacher is playing moonlight sonata Beethoven

  9. Junji ito vibes, makes her the scariest monster in the game.

  10. nakakatakot👹👹👹👹😱😱😈😈

  11. 😱😱😱🤬😵😨😖 i.m get

  12. 𝚖𝚛 𝚌𝚑𝚞𝚝𝚒𝚢𝚊 𝚢𝚝 says:

    Plase game link android 😭😭

  13. So this is where Takane from the Mimic got the sound from

  14. In my opinion this teacher is inspired by rokurokubi

  15. I wonder how teachers feel being portrayed like this. There must be nice teachers that have an understanding of things like this

  16. Pov: The teacher calls out for you but you have social anxiety and you are extremely awkward

  17. Teacher is the creepiest in the series imo, neck makes me think of Eraserhead baby

  18. Jotaro is stuck in this dimension created by an enemy stand.

  19. if i get das game i am scerd i will never play das

  20. You can even hear her breathing trough her Long Neck,like, how is she breathing so fast that she can even live

  21. If the creators of this made an Alice in wonderland game omg it would be epic

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