MEDAL RUNS: Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street | X Games Norway 2019 -

MEDAL RUNS: Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street | X Games Norway 2019

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Watch the gold-medal-winning run in the Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street final, followed by the silver medal run and the bronze medal run at X Games Norway 2019.


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  1. Those commentators are so annoying, you don’t have to talk every single second

  2. Dear Editor: Don't cut the shot at the middle of a trick!

  3. how can luan get so many points without even hitting one rail or ledge?

  4. These comments seriously, so bad… Ishod brought it on :=)

  5. Wait these are medalists? As a non skating fan, these looks so average (like something i could never do, but it doesn't look like it would be some pro medalist stuff). I haven't watched any pro skateboarding so i'm clueless btw

  6. I wish Evan smith would enter this , he would tear this up

  7. I wish the commentators would actually name the tricks the skaters are landing instead of trying so hard to make "real"

  8. Why has the commentary gotten so annoying it’s like their trying to shine over the skateboarding and skaters

  9. Nice Ishod Wair getting what he deserves😁🍻

  10. XGames please hire Chris Cole to do commentary. He’s so much easier to listen to

  11. Hit the mute button real quick! Can't believe Gary still comentates!

  12. Everyone in comments need to watch skateline y'all cringy af

  13. Ishod wair is the coolest dude on a skateboard 👌

  14. Hey tho bro foreal homie dawg ya feel me like damnnnnnnn that railllllll tho he don’t know what He’s putting that steeeeeeze at the BUZZER foreal Fiddy fo dawgie. Stfu already

  15. As much as I like Gary on Skateline, I don't think live commentary is his thing. I like Cole commentating

  16. Gary😂😂Totally unprofessional. Skateboarding has no rules, that's why he's there.

  17. Why is everyone bitching about the commentators instead of celebrating after Ishod finally won one? Prolly coz his skating style is as unorthodox as the commentators are! #donthate #learntoappreciate

  18. So finally Luan cut that horrible moustache

  19. Shorty Meeks doing the commentary… Where’s Chris Cole at X Games?!

  20. Lol I didnt know Gary was the guy from skateline until reading the comments… I think he's the best, yo sincerely. He might need to cut the bullshit at times like he's having to much fun, but he distills some undoctored pearls that don't sound like if taken out from a textbook.. as much as I like Cole he's kind of solitary in his game and feels a little passive, he's the star commentator like a cherry on top events. But on a different note, what I like the most is how Brandon is getting out of his shiny golden demure that made him a little cheesy.. Man's got the best voice for the event, but he Needs someone like Gary to jostle him around… They're perfect together! Looking forward to catch progress on their chemistry…

  21. I guess I’m the only one who actually like Gary’s commentating . It’s just raw unfiltered like you and your homies watching your boys skate instead of all the lame professional don’t use slang on tv bs

  22. Got to put this on mute to even watch it …smh

  23. Gary still sucks, annoying as hell. 🙄

  24. I watched the whole contest for Gary’s commentary. Came here to see if they played out Ishod’s entire run beyond the buzzer. Glad they did. He’s been on another level forever❤️🔥

  25. each like = 1 slap for gary. dude got no jokes, just a pest

  26. Garys commentary MADE the last x games before this. Yall are trippingggg. P.s. all the nyjahs haters look at what happens when hes not there… its like everyone took a day off and the homie who skates inconsistently had his best day without the pressure. No hate to him but look what the WINNING score was.

  27. I actually love gary's commentating lool its so realistic

  28. Why the Gary-hate here? …is the Slap MessageBoards website down for maintenance? 😂

  29. 'You ever seen it when he's got his tongue hanging out his mouth?'
    'That Gets Me EXCITED' 😂

  30. Can they hear the commentary while they're skating? Some if it was unprofessional.

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