Modification Sport Car and Monster Truck in Game and Reality - Beamng drive. Special video # 2 -

Modification Sport Car and Monster Truck in Game and Reality – Beamng drive. Special video # 2

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A special video with the modification and restoration of a sports car and a monster truck.
Plot: Two friends, a sports car and a monster truck, race and ride for pleasure. They decide to make a race around the city and a police chase begins after them. A sports car and a monster truck fall into a cop trap. The sports car is ripped out and thrown into the water, while the monster truck runs away and saves its friend the sports car and takes it for repairs and restoration.
Then, in real life, I bought a monster truck and a sports car as from a game and start repairing a sports car, remove the old paint, paint it with a new yellow paint and restore it and combine it with the monster truck base using cold welding and get a hybrid of a sports car and a monster truck.
All preparation videos took about 5-7 days. It was very difficult to make this video, I wasted a lot of resources. But I hope it will be interesting! Enjoy!

0:00 – Prologue
0:37 – Race and defeat
04:59 – Car restoration
13:30 – Creation of a car hybrid
16:06 – Revenge

Mods used:

1) Monster Truck –
2) ‘Giant Chain’ for coupling two vehicles together v08 –


1) West Coast Usa
2) American Road 1.8.01 –
3) Utah Extra 3.3 –
4) Mammoth Valley 1.2.1 –
5) BeamNG Off Road Open Desert Trails –
6) Emirate Island 1.4 –

Beamng drive – computer game in the genre autosimulator. Uses a unique physics of soft bodies.

Official site:
My PC specs:
RTX 3090,
64 GB RAM,
10 TB HDD + 2 TB SSD

I am recording my video with the Nvidia Shadowplay program. I edit my videos using Adobe Premiere Pro, and photos using Adobe Photoshop
Song used:
– Manic. No Depression. – Jeremy Korpas
– Riffs For Days – TrackTribe
– Sea Ritual – Sir Cubworth.
– Mirror Mind – Bobby Richards
– Where We Wanna Go – Patrick Patrikios
– It’s Almost Over – SefChol
– Digital Ghosts – Unicorn Heads
– Everything You Wanted – Dan Lebowitz
– Sunset n Beachz – Ofshane


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