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Monster Breeding

RujiK the Comatose
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Devlog #4. Fully procedural crossbreeding creates all kinds of weird monsters.


EDIT: After viewer feedback the name will likely NOT be CrossBreeder X. I’m leaning towards “Socket Beast” at the moment, but it’s still undecided.

Procedural Breeding


  1. AWESOME!! I always had this idea inspired by earthbound and pokemon and this mobile game called dragonvale that let you breed dragons to make new and rare one. This is really cool but it would be a lot cooler if their was recessive and dominant traits that allowed you to have more control in the offspring. It would be also really cool if some monsters could only breed with their own species.

  2. I do want the game, but man I just want an update to know you're doing good and to see (even just) a little progression on this gorgeous idea and execution!

  3. when the game will be published? pls ty it look so good

  4. man at least post on your twitter or something. i've been coming back for months waiting for another video. still, nothing.

  5. Commmmmeeee backkkkk to meeeeeeee😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  6. The future of videogames is procedural mechanics

  7. Are you waiting 100 k to make an update??? Or it take just a long time to finish your game??

  8. U should make this game on the Nintendo switch

  9. If the final game doesn't have a way to get Cheesegendered monsters, we fuckin riot

  10. I fucking new this was inspired by Dragon Quest Monsters (or the original dwm one)

  11. IDEA: the "weird" combinations like too many legs or eyes etc, you could extend that as a "feature" and either have an item that causes the code to unlock the limits, or a rare random chance, or specific events like radioactive exposure to a wild creature, that way you could get weirder creatures from special interactions.

  12. being 100% honest crossbreeder x is definitely a name I would skip over without clicking on while scrolling thru steam games

  13. I insist that you leave cheese as a magic 3rd gender that can breed with males or females

  14. Make it so if you breed monsters too much theres a chance for the child to be unable to produce offsprings and make the icon for that
    C h e e s e

  15. You should make the cheese gender a special type of beast that plays a similar role to shiny Pokemon.

  16. I love the idea of making breeding a bit more random and having rare oddities like extra eyes n such, it would make them a lot more personal

  17. This is an awesome concept! I hope you keep working on it, I was bummed out looking at your channel and not being able to binge watch your videos for hours

  18. rip to cheese gender you will be missed
    Shout out to cheese. Cheese gotta be one of my favorite genders

  19. Why not using evolution approach – take specific part of a body from one parent?
    This way crossbreed of spider and a dog may have:
    -A snout
    -8 spider legs
    -A tail
    -Round body

  20. my dude your channel has grown so much. congrats!

  21. It should be sex instead of having the label of gender

  22. Breeder game is it a genre yet better be. Also reminds me of that game with the slugcats which was also really cool
    Oh also mewgenics

  23. cross breeder x sounds like a porn game. please change it

  24. What if "cheese" gender became a uncommon/rare gender that can breed with either males or females? I think that would just be neat, and add an extra surprise thing to find or collect

  25. I'm glad I came across this. A lot of people will hate me for this (maybe even you), but you will make a shit ton of money if you put this game in the blockchain. Check out Sky Mavis and their Ronin Network blockchain for gaming. P.S. I'm not a bot. I just love what you are creating and I see a huge potential.

  26. cheese is the 3rd gender confirmed

    edit: I agree with the guy who suggest Cross x Breeder as a name (ik this was 9 months ago)

  27. please have extra euyes and 12+ legs be a rare mutation sort of thing thats possible for offspring, mutations and stuff are cool

  28. Where can I buy or download this game? Only if that game is available right now. I wanna try it but can't find any sites where I can download this

  29. Every video is 10x more amazing than the last. And the last one was already peak youtube

  30. Where do you get background musics and also sound effects?

  31. Critter Cross sounds better than crosser imo

  32. I think it would be cool if there was a super rare chance of the hybrid child "mutating" the extra eyes or legs

  33. Incredibly glad you're uploading again, this stuff is seriously awesome. Great job dude

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