Monster Energy Legally Harass Game Developers... -

Monster Energy Legally Harass Game Developers…

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Good times.

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  1. MEC needs to be permanently branded a vexatious litigant.

  2. I drink it and really like it. So do my mates at work. But now they can get fucked. Im not buying it ever again. Fucking bullies. Pathetic. Thanks for showing us all this.

  3. Nobody tell Monster about D&D 5E. I have a Monster Manual that describes monsters, monster lairs, and monster stats. 🙄

  4. Is this a joke? April fools maybe? 😂 Are we not supposed to have monsters in any game ever from now on? I mean if it was 3 words title and a game dev uses same 3 word title for a game, that would be fair. But monster? Which is a word used by a lot especially in videogames. This is insane 😂 I would understand completely if this was Red Bull. My honest opinion is that certain words that are common to civilization should not be trademarked and the only words that should be trademarked are the words that are really made up and don't exist in the dictionary. Period

  5. Let’s let them try to go after Disney over Monster’s Inc

  6. Pokemon 2000 came first vs Monster 2002, if they want to trademark the claw marks you'll need to get past Wolverine 1975, this Sunday watch out for GRAVE DIGGER 1982 if you want trademark the black and green, oh wait what about energy drink ingredients Red Bull 1987

  7. Monster Energy is trying to go after Pokemon for the use of "monster."
    Unfortunately, Monster Energy doesn't realize that the terms "monster," "beast," and "monstress" are too broad to be legally trademarked and will undoubtedly lose.
    Also, Pokemon is the biggest franchise. They beat out Disney in terms of revenue and can afford Disney lawyers 20x over.
    Monster Energy is swinging above their weight-class.

  8. I’m literally playing Monster Train right now, waiting for it all to come crashing down

  9. By that logic Monster should sue Doctor Who for using the words The Doctor as it infringes on Monster's The Doctor drink. Ridiculous.

  10. In five days ago damn YouTube I wish I knew this earlier I'm wondering where I got that cease-and-desist from

  11. i think you underestimate how unhealthy coffee is.

  12. i feel like jurassic park 3 needs to sue monster because their logo is a little too similar to the 3 in that movie logo.

  13. Monster is neither cool nor hip, it's a cringe beverage.

  14. Their drink isn't even "Monster" it's "Monster Energy", and they haven't got a leg legally to stand on. Imagine if Apple Inc. tried to force everyone to not use the word for any other products including apples. That's how stupid this is.

  15. They have a point, the first time I opened a can of monster energy I was confused that it did not contain job listings in my area or an incredible, oscar-worthy portrayal of a real-life murderer by Charlize Theron

  16. I'm gonna make a drink called yes the then I could sue everyone.

  17. Monsters Inc. better bring their best lawyer to sue Monster energy drinks

  18. This is not the first time a big corp try to sue people for using a BASIC COMMON WORD that they decided to use as a name for their product.
    The fact that there is no clearly established ruling against that kind of bullshit is baffling ngl.

  19. I like Rockstar much more, now a great reason to not buy monster anyways.

  20. Dove the chocolate brand and Dove the toiletries brand don't bother each other because they just assume customers are smart enough to tell them apart

  21. Dreamleague, a big esports league in which Monster is one of the sponsors, is currently timing out anyone who mentions this in the chat of the 5 dota 2 streams LMAO. Fucking pathetic that people are covering for this shit tier company.

  22. ITS DIGITAL ONLY yes let’s try to consume my LITERAL MONITOR

  23. Not sure what monster thinks they’ll gain from this, even if they win the lawsuit it would negatively impact their brand and customer relations.

    As a brand marketed towards gamers, attacking a game studio is an incredibly brain dead move.

  24. Imagine apple suing every fruit grower in the world because the name of a certain fruit might be confusing for shoppers…

  25. I don't know if this company is desperate to promote there brand in wrong way now they also targeting Nintendo Pokémon Game in using the word Monster will not be surprised when decide to claim movie have monster word or event typing monster word in comment or post in social media.

  26. Can I "trademark" every word in every language and everyone who wants to say any word has to pay me for it?

  27. I wonder why monster cables, now monster Inc, doesn't sue monster energy… Probably because there is no chance of confusing a nasty energy drink with a premium electronics brand.

  28. Monster has gone full retard. This is what happens when you go full retard. Granted, Bethesda tried to trademark the word 'Prey' and made a dev team change their games name. Which is also retarded.

  29. Whatever moron that wrote the legislation that allows people to claim trademark on pre-existing, normal words needs to be put in prison

  30. Monster Energy tastes like shit and is literally shit. Dont buy safe your health.

  31. I blame Candy Crush for when they tried to claim ownership over sugar, king, candy, etc etc etc.

    Also monsters logo is the Hebrew characters for 666. Not shocked they are claiming outside of their reach.

  32. Yeah screw their cancer drink. I'll just get whatever isn't owned or bottled by them.

  33. This reminds me when the fine brothers tried to copyright the word "react" And that one guy that tried to copyright the word "Edge"

  34. Petition for someone to own the word energy so we can fuck over monster

  35. Why isnt Monster Energy Drink going after Oxford Dictionary?

  36. Fine Bros. tried to copyright ’React’ many years ago, and they got shoved in the pits for it.

    Monster is showing their “goofy” behavior by trying to sue Glowstick Entertainment, just for the word ‘Monster’

  37. I almost was confused enough to drink monster again. Glad that was sorted out.

  38. I resent the fact that aggressive litigation was referred to as trolling.

  39. imagine bands of some metal bands genres going mad since their cant use the "M" anymore

  40. I only heard this company from penguinz0 in this lawsuits

  41. Can see it now. The lawyers just walk in with a laptop with steam open on screen. and a monster can. Then saying can you spot the difference between these 2? Shows game then shows energy drink.

  42. I identify as a Monster. Come at me

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