Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2019 -

Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2019

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Watch the FULL BROADCAST of the Monster Energy Men’s Skateboard Street finals at X Games Norway 2019.


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  1. good: the commentary
    bad: 2 runs + no best trick s u c k s

  2. im in SA im from SA n i alwys stream xgames, howdo i get dat free vpn

  3. im from the philippines 1 start skateboerding way back 1992 im i big fan of tony hawk,christian hosoi and bob burnquist.. now im turning 44 this coming november 25 2019 my only wish on my 44th birthday is to have a original skateboard from any one of my idol in skateboarding..ever since i started skateboarding i havent have an original skateboard because it is very expensive here in the philippines and now im family guy i cant afford to have that anymore…i want to have a skateboard just for a remembrance on my teenage days so i can share my memories to my sons and grandson…thank you hpoe you will read my message guys…

  4. This ghetto commentator is annoying and biased af. Hope yall find another guy soon.

  5. The black commentator is way too partial to black skaters. This is a sport of skill not skin. you root for who does best.

  6. Dois Brasucas representando mas a primeira volta do gring0 quebrou o campeonato.
    Two brasilians very powers but not complete perfect. The first show nort american take good number and winner absoluty. Parabens .

  7. Nyjah wasn't there so the bar was much lower. Ishod definitely deserved a win though.

  8. Well a huge Congratulations to Ishod Wair for the winning the gold medal in Men's Skateboard Street competition at X games Norway. A huge accomplishment at 15 x games appearances.

  9. Man Ishod deserved it. Dude is low key one of the best

  10. I have only watched 10 minutes of this and I already want to turn off because of the commentators so annoying!!!

  11. Very good job on the commenting this time I mean that

  12. Can someone tell that try hard comedian commentator that making fun of peoples appearances just proves your not the sharpest tool …..

  13. Gary Rogers is probably the worst commentor I have ever heard. Stupid comments, annoying voice and a complete lack of quality for x games. I legit turned mute on cause he is trash. Brando deserves better co host!

  14. Gary Rogers, never heard someone so cringe before. You absolute wasteman.

  15. I love to watch these sick skateboard challenges

  16. He’s better than everybody except the light skin tattoos lol 😂

  17. Those commentators thinking Yuto's second run would get him in thrid place.
    Yuto did 2 actual hard tricks, kinda bailed the third trick. 59 was generous

    Actually, the judges in this final were pretty spot on. So a massive shout out to being fair and real. Oshad the best skater this day. Always great to see technical skaters win big!
    I do think that Oliveira could've won if every trick he tried wasn't a best trick. Relax with the flips. Not every trick has to be a flip, it's exhausting

  18. The commentary is ABSOLUTELY atrocious! Xgames have your really fallen this far? It used to be professional!

  19. Honestly, super underwhelming competition and the commentary made me loose brain cells.

  20. I’m honestly proud of ishod seriously good job bro

  21. "He better than everybody… …except that lightskin kid with the tattoos." This commentator is pushing more limits than these skateboarders haha.

  22. Dude the announcer is so funny, makes it fun to watch and listen all the way through

  23. Ishod's first run so chill and exacting

    Berger's ends his 2nd run Jake Brown style☠️

  24. This announcers are so bad, im so used to SLS

  25. The commentary on Yuto's second run is perfect. Had me in stitches.

  26. nah man i say keep Gary he sucked at the 2016s but his commentary is really good

  27. Hey X-Games Account Manager! Why I cannot watch the new X-Games Full Stream in Switzerland? Thats kinda not fair! Fukc man, bring it out AS DVD or pay-to-stream, no Probs. But just not beeing allowed to watch that because I'm in Switzerland is hilarious, fukcing racism…!

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