Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard Big Air: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2020 -

Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard Big Air: FULL BROADCAST | X Games Norway 2020

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Watch the FULL BROADCAST of the Monster Energy Men’s Snowboard Big Air event that just went down LIVE at X Games Norway 2020.

For the full X Games Norway 2020 competition schedule, click here:

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  1. lol commentators talking about math, forgot Mark landed 5 tricks to Max's 3

  2. Sparky is a monster!!!!! Legend 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. Since live chat cut me off …check out my comment on the real cost x games Aspen men's big air……….

  4. X Games really needs to go back to scoring. Max Parrot lands one and jumps into 2nd?!

  5. Well deserved Marc…
    Much love from Switzerland to all of you…

  6. Mark is definitely one of the best but if Shawn white competed in 3 different activities half pipe big air and slope style which he did for a while he’d still be way ahead in metal counts when Shawn just kept to snowboarding he was pretty much unbeatable at the time.

  7. Definitely looked hella flat lighting at the beginning

  8. There's too much snow on the landing causing a bunch of tough landings and caught edges

  9. Coming from a former snowcat operator, I hate modern snowboarding. Absolutely ridiculous judging. Plus biased brother plugging, such bullshit. Also Whistler sucks

  10. never understood why Fridtjof just goes to these competitions and never tries to win or do big tricks its like then just dont compete so other better ppl have a chance

  11. mark mcmorris is so cocky, he always acts like that at the end usually against max

  12. 4:01 literally looks like a caveman running with a torch in the background

  13. The jump wasn't back far enough, the trajectory was off & sending those guys too deep to the flat.

  14. since when can you throw “lofty” frontside 12? hahaha thank you stale 🙌🏼

  15. craig mcmorris is the best commentator in all of sports someone sign him up for playoffs

  16. Wow a clean seep for Canada. That's awesome and congratulations to Mark Mcmorris for winning the 19th x games medal.

  17. Way to go Mark!! From Regina Saskatchewan!

  18. Hello everyone, does anyone know the full name of that NITRO snowboard, the one that Sven Thorgren has :D, Thank you

  19. is that a snowman on the mountain flippin us off?

  20. man the light is soooo flat they have no idea where hte landing is

  21. Cannot STAND the new scoring format. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. Completely kills the suspense. C'mon Craig McMorris…you know it sucks. You have to be smart going to LeBoldus and all. My boy is taking his school trip to Mission Ridge tomorrow (where all the McMorris magic started). Congrats Mark…..Regina is PROUD!

  22. Anyone know the theme song they play in the break?


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